What law force the homeschool online companies to report dropouts?

What accountability is there (if any) on the subject of home schoolers who dropout?
Are the companies who are "teaching" high conservatory kids online obligated to report their non-attendance or performance inside the first semester they quit?

If there is no canon protecting the education of these kids, how can anyone enunciate "no child is left bringing up the rear?"

Are there any checks and balance for these kids? Surely we don't leave the accountability to the parents alone?

Answers:    The great point about homeschooling is "No Child Left Behind" doesn't apply, as that imperative is only for public school, and homeschools usually count (for legal purposes) as private school. The same goes for any online college that charges tuition. They don't have that silly broken tenet holding them back from reaching their full potential.

Yes, accountability for a homeschooler's lessons is in the hand of the parents alone. Some states require testing or an evaluation of some sort at correct intervals, be it anually, bianually, trianually, or just at clear in your mind grade level. Some states want written notice of a family's intent to homeschool or to call a halt homeschooling. A very few (maybe three?) states require that the chosen curriculum be approved by the state, but this is totally uncommon. For the most bit, when a child is homeschooled their education is the sole responsibility of the parents, and the parents and child work as a troop to figure out what will work best and how to achieve the child's fullest potential. The system--or lack near of--works.
<gasp!!> Leave accountability for raise children to parents? Who would ever think of such a article? We're just supposed to pop those puppies out and mitt them over to the state at birth, right?

Guess what - nobody reports public or private school dropouts (as long as they are of legally recognized age, which is 16 in most states), why should online school be held to reporting their dropouts? (Especially since the students are paying for the service, and could easily a moment ago have switched to any another service or actual homeschooling - like offline.) NCLB does not apply to online school, unless they are a public charter school.

Sorry, but law "protecting" education haven't be able to do much of anything near the institutions that they do apply to...I see no reason to tolerate them into my home. No thanks.

Maybe you could check the stats on homeschooling beforehand you start rattling past its sell-by date stuff like that? Homeschoolers tend to receive higher score on standardized tests and college entrance test, and they are often actively recruit by universities for their strong scholarly ability and responsibility. Looks to me resembling schools have need of to handle human being responsible for themselves before they progress anywhere near my home or my child.
LOL hsmom!! "We're freshly supposed to pop those puppies out" That was pious for a chuckle tonight.

I concur with her answer so I'll in recent times leave it at that.
There's no accountability for any dropout, so I don't have a handle on the question. If they aren't doing their work, the parents will receive awareness of their grades and all that from the university. If it's a private school, the fees are probably adjectives paid and they won't do more than that; these kids would be private university students, not homeschooled students. If it's an online public/charter school, after they may do more because they are considered public/charter school students, not homeschooling students. If they are 16, they are feasible allowed to drop out so there's no problem.

Really, I don't see how this is your problem, your responsibility. One might suspect that your high even of concern would indicate these children are family member.

As for the "no child left behind", you realize that, first of adjectives, the NCLB has to do next to public schools? Private school don't have to be a constituent of it in any means of access. Second, do you know how many public school children are still falling through the cracks, dropping out or graduating short even having a proper coaching? Why are you so panicky about these 2 online school kids?
At the link below is the homeschool answer to your NCLB comment ...

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