Can i get home schooled and still go on to a university?


Keep records (for instance a transcript with grades and course descriptions).

Take college preparatory classes in your homeschool.
Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, and trig or pre-calculus, 4 years of English, 3 or 4 years of Social Studies, 4 years of science including AT LEAST one of the harder sciences like Chemistry or Physics. 2 years of foreign Language. Plus have extra curricular activities.

Take the SAT or ACT test, in addition take any SAT subject tests, AP, or CLEP exams you feel prepared for.

Aside from that, contact the university you plan to attend and find out what their requirements are in general, and any specific policies about homeschoolers.
You certainly may. most cities have Home School Associations that parents and kids can belong to. These groups often get together and give SATS for ggraduating kids. BE sure your parents follow all the guidelines for homeschooling that your local district may have, and keep good records of all your work.Be sure you recieve legitimate credits for all your work. There are many home school support groups that can give guidance on this. You can do a web search for " home schoolers, college, university' and find many articles on this subject.
well. i guess. just don't tell anybody though
Yes, of course.

Good luck!
Yes you can. You graduate from home school just like public school. You may have to take a placement test to see where your at in your academics.But you can go on to college from home school.
Yes. In fact, a number of ivy league schools, such as Stanford, are actively searching out homeschoolers.
YES! I'm in college now and my Chemistry instructor was home schooled, she teaches most all of the science courses at my college and she is even a research scientist! Home schooled kids can do anything public schooled kids can and usually better!
My sister-in-law was homeschooled and just got a free ride scholarship for voice & academics.

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