Question:I am looking into starting to homeschool my littles ones (ages 3 and 2) and I am looking for some non-christian curiculum.

We are actually Wiccan so I am also looking for children's pagan workbooks and what not about the various gods and Sabbats and whatnot.

Do not answer if you are going to flame me please, thanks

This website has reviews of various curriculum and mentions if they have any religious leanings at all:

Just remember that at age 3 and 2 they really don't need any real curriculum, just lots of playtime, read aloud time, and nature walks. You can start with coloring books. Kumon has lots of workbooks and activity books starting around age 3. For specifically Wiccan stuff, you'll have to check the other sites being recommended.
Here is what I found by typing Pagan homeschool into Google:

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amazon has some books on pagan home schooling, and you might want to look up Waldorf home schooling. it's actually based on a new-agey strain of christianity, but it's very nature friendly and nature based: seasonal altars, etc.

Glurpy, that's a matter of perspective, I suppose. But I looked into becoming a Waldorf teacher, and found it too Christian for my atheist taste. The movement itself claims to be Christian:

Waldorf schools leave religious training to parents, but the schools tend to be spiritually oriented and are based on a generally Christian perspective.

Even so, because they are not taught fundamentalist Christianity from the Bible, Waldorf schools are often attacked for encouraging paganism or even Satanism. This may be because they emphasize the relation of human beings to Nature and natural rhythms, including an emphasis on festivals, myths, ancient cultures, and various non-Christian celebrations. (The Sacramento Unified School District abandoned its plan to turn Oak Ridge Elementary into a Waldorf magnet school after many of the parents complained about it and at least one teacher complained of Satanism.
I'm fairly certain that some pagan homeschoolers I know found Yahoo Groups specifically for pagan homeschoolers. They would be able to provide you with better information about available resources than the general public in
BTW, Waldorf has NOTHING to do with Christianity.
I've used K12 for five years and it's secular. It starts with Kindergarten, although some families have started their kids with the PhonicsWorks program at age 3 or 4.

In K12's history program from 1st-4th grade, they do a four-year study of world history "from the stone age to the space age" and all major ancient religions/belief systems. So the kids learn myths and the births of the major world religions.

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