GOOD "learning" and fun CD ROM for 6 year olds?!?

Question:My daughter just loves animated, learning CD Roms----anything good out there that she would enjoy that your kids have?I love Richard Scarrys Christmas one--- she just got a "Caillou" one that is a good learning tool CD ROM---she starts Kindergarten next week, too!!

Well, this is kinda old-school, but I STILL have amusement playing the Jumpstart games. My faovrite was Jumpstart 1st grade, but there are plenty of kindergarden editions out there.
We have several. My favorite place to purchase educational (or edutainment) CD-roms is:

They have a flat shipping fee, and ship very quickly!
Jump Start, Carmen San Diego, Clue Finders, DK, Math Blasters, Reader Rabbit, Star Wars Math, Magic School Bus, School House Rock, just to name a few.

Try this web site, it carries reduced and free software; the above named included.
CD roms:

"Living Letters" is available from

Also try Jump Start.

If you want a free website with educational games, try
Many of the good titles have already been listed, but I would add ...

... the "Blue's Clues" games. We have the "ABC Activities" game and it does an excellent job with kindergarten level phonics.

... any of the Disney games. My son loved all the Winnie the Pooh games and there was a Mickey Mouse one that he enjoyed too.

I wouldn't overlook the many free online games that are out there. You can make a Word Document with images of the games and clickable links. Just place it on your child's desktop on his computer screen. A double-click will open it up. It is easy for a pre-reader to know what games he is selecting when there are screenshots near the link. You could also add the links to his favorites list, but pre-readers have a hard time knowing what games they are selecting unless they have a picture. Some good sites to local educational games are BBC, Disney, PBS, and Scholastic websites.

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