What is small size & cottage industry ? explain detail?

Answers:    Cottage Industries

"Cottage industries" is a term that be used prevalently during the eighteenth and nineteenth and centuries to describe the home-based system of manufacturing. This occupancy is also used today to refer to goods or services that are produced at home. Sewing, craft production, sale and marketing, typing, bookkeeping, and auto repair are just a fewexamples of home-based employment.

SSI – Definition within Brief
Small Scale Industrial units are those out of stock in trade, processing or preservation of goods next to investment in Plant and Machinery (original cost) not to exceed Rs.1 Crore

In overnight case of ancillary units also, the investment within Plant & Machinery (original cost) should not exceed Rs. 1 crore to get classified underneath Small Scale Industry

The investment limit of Rs. 1 crore for classification as SSI have been enhanced to Rs. 5 crore within respect of certain specified items approaching hosiery, hand tools, adjectives Drug & Pharmaceuticals by Government of India

The status of “Tiny enterprises” may be given to all Small Scale unit whose investment in Plant & Machinery is up to Rs.25 lacs, irrespective of the location of the element

Medium Enterprises are defined as units near investment in plant and machinery of above Rs. 1 crore and upto Rs. 10 crores

Small Scale Service/ Business Enterprises (SSSBE) have investment in fixed assets (excluding lands and building) up to Rs.10 lacs and registered as such, are also classified as SSI for the purpose.

Artisans, Village and Cottage Industry has be defined as Artisans (irrespective of location) or Small Industrial activities (Viz. work, processing, preservation and servicing) in village and small towns with a population not exceeding 50000, involving utilization of locally available crude resources and / or human skills (where individual credit requirement does not exceed Rs.50,000/-)
Smal scale industries are industries that exercise a less number of population as compared to large extent industries that produce fans,cycles and sewing machines etc.

Cottage industries are traditional.Most of the work is done within workshops or at homes that produce and manufacture wood carvings,pottery etc.
Please ask the details of Central and States Govts., from Delhi and concerned States, influence of 'small scale & cottage industry',

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