Are the schools that offer at home ged's diplomus, are they state recognized.?

In the state of Texas a parent can give their child a diploma that is legal and recognized by college's.
To answer your question, no. But there is another thing you can do. You can get your high school diploma online with online classes or by correspondence. is a correspondence school. They mail you your books, you complete the exams by internet or you send them to the school and when you are finished they will award you a high school diploma. Diploma's pay more than GED's.
Good solution.

I am not sure what "ged's diplomus" means.

If you want a GED then you can study whereever you like as long as you pass the test on your own.

If you want an accredited diploma then just make sure the school is accredited. Here are some accredited schools: (Christian) (Christian) (secular) (secular)
Most of those websites do not give state recognized diplomas. Basically they are a waste of your money - watch out.

GED is an official govenment test and you cannot take it online or at home. You must register for the test and take it at a testing center.

Here is a website that might be able to help with any GED test, GED practice needs.

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