Has anyone used American High School Acadamey ?

Question:please anwser this question i would really apreciate this thanks

I was going to use this school, but I was having a problem with them. First, I requested their info package and they never sent it; I did this two times. Then I called the school number they provided and they had to transfer me three times and on their website it was considered a direct number. When someone finally was able to help me she told me that I she couldn't send me an info package because I had to request it online. I told her that I did several times and she said that she couldn't do anything about it and hung up on me. Also, when I checked their accredidation, it wasn't accredited by the right people.

I did some more research and found other schools that were good and accredited by the right associations.

I would have to say that Penn Foster High School is a better program.

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