Can you convey me what your homeschool rota is resembling? Thanks!?

Answers:    We get up at 7 or 8 most days. (We did not bring up until after 9 today.) We do some chores, eat breakfast, and speak about the morning we have planned. Then we progress to our handy dandy schedule and see what is subsequent. I like to enjoy a schedule set give or take a few a week in mortgage. I like to capture done as early as possible, because when the kids attain off the bus, my daughter like to go play. We don't cover respectively subject everyday, but rather own a focus for the day. Reading, spelling, sentence structure and handwriting go together. While math get a day to itself. We approaching to have a mini weekend within the middle of the week. That is normally Tuesday and partly of Wednesday. This allows us to visit, run errands, etc. Monday, Thursday and Friday are drastically full days. We have evening classes outside the house on Monday and Tuesday night. Most of this schedule is flexible. This week we're focusing on American history, adjectives week. Today is a snow day for public institution, so my daughter had a friend spend the dark. All bets are off for schedule on a day resembling today. The girls are playing like we are contained by an ice age. They of late got support from wandering the icy cold neighborhood and they feel inspired. This vehicle that they are pretending there is no electricity. (The power be out earlier.) They are reading our history books by lantern desk light. In their imaginations, they are pretending to re-discover this information for the first time. It is drastically exciting. I would join them, but my puny developed imagination might ruin the game. I have a feeling that if I were to try to enforce a agenda or any structure today, I’d kill the spirit of discovery. On other, smaller quantity inspired days, a schedule is compliant. I guess that is a impressively round the bend way of axiom, “It depends”.
EDIT: My daughter's friend is a grade above her and is reveling contained by the role of teacher. I can't backing spying on them. They are so cool.
I don't really have a scedule. I of late know what I have to do for the hours of daylight and then I do it surrounded by whatever charge I feel resembling.

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