Does South Carolina have grants for home schoolers?

As a South Carolina homeschool parent, there are none that I am aware of. We pay our taxes to the local school district, which in this state still receives a portion of funding for my children even though they do not know we exist other than a number, and they provide us with nothing. We still fully fund our children's education at home.

The governor has tried to put a tax credit in place, which would have benefited parents who provide a private education for their children either at a non-public school or as homeschoolers. His attempts have not been successful as of yet.

Homeschoolers in SC can obtain college grants to pay a portion of their tuition at public colleges, provided they meet minimum requirements.

I could better answer your question if I had a better idea of what kind of grant you are inquiring about.
Check the Vines and Branches website. They have a section for grants and stuff.
What sort of grants? To actually be home and homeschool or to go to college?

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