How do you do algabra in 8th??

I am home schooled & going into 8th grade this year!
I need help on my math so I can go back && be on the same level with my friends!
So can someone plzz tell me what you learn in 8th?

This really depends on your current math level and conceptual understanding, as well as your learning style. There are many math curricula out there, most of which will give you a good understanding of Algebra.

Algebra isn't often taught on an 8th grade level in public schools - it's usually saved for 9th, except for Honors classes - so I'm not sure why you're concerned about being behind? If you're having trouble with Math, you need to get the concepts down before you head on to Algebra, or you'll be completely lost. For that, I really recommend Math U See.

My favorites for Algebra are Math U See and VideoText Interactive, but I know that many also like Saxon, BJU, Switched On Schoolhouse, and A Beka. Talk with your mom about what you would like from a curriculum, and what you want to learn, and go for it. Your parents really should be the ones you go to, as they are in charge of your education.
8th grade algebra is pretty math algebra fundamentals that are important later on. I'm sure if you call a local school you can find out the class syllabus and text book so that you can keep up with your friends.
Algabra is more in 9th grade level. I've been home schooled since the beginning of 9th and you learn the same stuff that you would've learn in public school. You learn real numbers, equations and inequalities, exponents, polynomials, Cartesian coordinate system, rational expressions, and applications. For me, It was hard, but once you get the hang of it, you should be fine. Then you and your friends can go over it together.
Algebra is typically taken in 9th grade, unless you are on the AP track. While it's possible to complete pre-algebra and algebra in one year, if math is not your strongest subject, I wouldn't advise it. All you'll do is go into Alg. 2 next year with a weak base and you'll flounder there.

You don't need to have all the same classes as your friends. Be yourself, work at a pace that allows you to do well without struggling.
Whether or not you can take Algebra has very little to do with what grade you are in, it has to do with what you already know about Math. Go to and download their free placement test to see if you are ready for Algebra 1(and don't peek at the answers, that will just result in you being in a level you can't handle). If you don't pass that test then download the pre-algebra test. If you don't pass that, download the Math 7.

Usually, most kids in 8th grade would take pre-algebra, so if you test into that don't feel bad. Algebra 1 in 8th grade is sort of new trend, and a lot of kids who try it just have to repeat it in 9th anyway. It would be better to take a pre-algebra course and be fully prepared for Algebra1. Algebra is tricky even for kids who ARE ready for it, don't frustrate and confuse yourself by jumping into it if you are not ready.

Here is a traditional College Prep Junior High and High School Math Program.
7th Grade- 7th grade arithmetic (usually contains a small amount of pre-algebra.)
8th Grade - Pre-algebra
9th Grade - Algebra 1
10th Grade - Geometry
11th Grade - Algebra 2
12th Grade - Pre-Calculus
If you are ready, try Saxon pre-Algebra, and the DIVE CD that accompanies it.
You can buy these at a discounted price at:
They are right, Algebra is what everything else is based on.

It starts easy and then it gets me a D

There are rules and methods and you have to learn them for some strange reason.

You see the answer, but just writing it is WRONG

You must do the STEPS

You must learn the STEPS

All the secret handshakes.

It's required, don't ask why.

They want to SEE how you balance LEFT and RIGHT


THen come up with the answer.

Get an Algebra Text, maybe two. Go on line and go to on line help sites.

All I can tell you is if you are having problems with Algebra after 10 weeks, get Visual BASIC and learn to do some programs, which are ALL Algebra and you'll see how it works.

Still as the crow flies

But it will show you how it works

And you will learn how to SIMPLIFY

Algebra is dealing with ABSTRACTS

That means they teach you a generic method that is used specifically in Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Computer Programming and other advance math classes.

Abstacts means


X is you

FN is first name
LN is last name
A is address
C is city
R is region or state or provicne
PC is post code
CT is country

If you fill that in with YOUR specifics that is where you live.




Is algebra

Both sides of the "equals" mark are the SAME

You can also say


They are reverasble

The E, m and c are variables the squred is a constant.

Algebra is used to DEFINE a STATE or CHARACTERISTICS of a problem in GENERIC or ABSTRACT FORM


3 bras+5 panties +2 tops + 2 Pants = 2 New Outifits

You simplify it


We combined the two tops and two pants


It can mean soemthing different to someone else

It's just a FORMULA to dervie a solution.
Perhaps you are in California, where Algebra is considered 8th grade math. Be assured that many 8th graders do not complete Algebra successfully in middle school, and it will be offered again in high school.

Continue in math from your current level, using whichever curriculum works for you. Here's a website with an online Algebra course, and other courses, too:

Good Luck!
algebra for me is really me you really need more practice so that you will not go back to the same level with your friends.
Good luck!

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