Christian homeschooling help!?

Question:My spouse and I plan on homeschooling when we have children. This may be an early jump but I figure I should start planning now. I would like to know any good material or websites that I can use to help me. We are Southern Baptist and plan on making sure the scriptures are a big part in our homeschooling. Any help getting started would be appreciated!

I would first check on all the state requirements.
Second I would connect with local home school groups through your Church, or state home school association.
By attending the meetings and getting to know the families you can ask questions, and form a support group before starting.
Then go and visit a home school convention in your area, or neighboring state; these have speakers on the topic, and hold workshops for new home schoolers and veterans alike.
many home school curriculum vendors come and show their materials, this is a great way to preview these, and ask many questions.

For a good curriculum, and also support if you'd like to have someone do the paperwork for you is Christian Liberty Press, they have a strong Christian perspective.
Please Check out their web sites at:
Charlotte Mason
Virtual Christian Academies.

There are also several methods of home schooling:

Many think that Christians should not be looking into unschooling, that the two are not compatible, I will disagree with that, we actually combine the classics with unschooling, and it works great.
Hi! My husband and I are homeschooling our little ones right now. We just started. My husband and his family were homeschooled, as was my brother.

Some places that we found helpful were: This is christian book distributers. They have a great homeschooling section! It is where we are getting our curriculum from. They offer lots of Christian based text books. They sell full curriucla like Abeka and Alpha Omega as well as individual texts such as the Christian Science series from Apologia.

Also look into This is the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. Even before you homeschool they will send you info on what is up in the homeschool world and legislation. They also have a great resource for homeschool laws in your state. An Awesome Christian based site!

You can also look up the local homeschool support groups in your area. You just google Christian Home Educators and your state. Those will be a great asset to you! There are local groups in every state and almost every area.

We are loving homeschooling and I hope that you will too!

God bless and have fun!

The ACE curriculum mentioned by another poster is available at
This sounds like a great project to plan ahead for. One thing I 've read about homeschooling is to have a thorough knowlege of the laws about homeschooling in your state and your school district. Cooperate with the school as much as you can. Tour your local school and compare what they are doing to what you can provide for your children at home. Maybe even consider working it out that your children can have one class at school, i.e. phys. ed. if you so choose. Just keeping your options open! I realize you want to do your own thing but a good relationship with the authorities in education that be can be rewarding and help you accomplish your goals and not waste time in a court case battle. Set your goals, pray and be prepared to be flexible. Talk with other families who homeschool and homeschool networks. May Jesus bless you!
i work at a christian school and we use ACE program and we love it look into it
ace stands for accelerated christian education but i dont know the web site sorry and have lots of good stuff. Both are Christian and have good books. Alpha Omega makes some good stuff too. I'm a Junior and I enjoy their lifepacs for grammar and literature.
You have to find one that meets with your views.

I've heard of things like Biology from Creation

But it may not fit your views.

You ALSO do know if you want your kids to go to an REAL accredit college they have to learn to answer questions in the REAL scientific way. They don't have to buy into it or believe it, they just have to know the answer.

If you think the world is 6,000 years old

In HARVARD (a Religious school) they do have to know Science says it's 4-5 billion years old.

This may give them a thrist to want to RECTIFY Religion with Science which may lead to an INTERESTING Doctorial Disseration

BUT the Professors at HAVARD have to AGREE WITH THEM on their PROOFS.
It's great that you want to homeschool. I've been homeschooled kindergarten to grade 11, and I'm planning on completeing grade 12 at home this year. I'm forever grateful to my parents for homeschooling me because of the quality education I received. Since grade 5, we used the ABeka video's great. The curriculm has a strong Christian emphasis, and high academic standards. The video isn't that necessary for elementary grades, but I would reccomend for grades 7-12. For grades 10-12, my mom is sending mine and my brother's work to the school in Florida where they mark it (tests, papers, exams) and then they'll send us a certificate. got to for more info.

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