Homeschoolers, attention please!?

Question:hey all you homeschoolers out there! When do u start school?

I'm starting the 20th I think.
We school year round and take off days when we want to. Yesterday was gorgeous so we went to the beach. This way we avoid needing to review for half the "school year" because so much was forgotten over the summer break.

We are actually going to take off several weeks in September, maybe the entire month, to travel and visit museums. When the rest of the USA is back to school we find it a great time to do field trips - low crowds, great weather!
It depends. I would start when the public schools started but sometimes certain curriculums have times when they want you to start
We're officially starting our school year Sept. 4 as that's when other schools around here start. But that doesn't mean my kids aren't doing educational stuff. :)
We are more or less Year Round homeschoolers, simply because of my daughters health--yesterday was great and we got lots of work done, today isn't happening due to dizzy spells and blackouts.

I gave her about 4 weeks (2 in June/2 in July) off to clear her head and allow me 'stock up' time as she is now doing 3rd grade and I still needed certain supplies--while we don't do 'hard' curriculum on her time off, she still does some kind of schooling even though she doesn't realize it.
Since we take an eclectic/unschooling approach to education, (a lot of our lessons take different forms then book work - tours of the zoo, art and gymnastics classes, documentary viewing, etc), we'd be considered year-round 'schoolers'. :-)
For me it's year round, but because I moved a few months ago I took a month off.
we fit into the year round schedule
Uh, ... we never stopped. Or are you asking at what age? Because we never really "start" - it's just a continuation of what we did when they were in preschool (and toddlers, and babies).
We're year round from birth. People are always learning
We're having a huge NOT back to school party on the 20th, though, since that's when public school starts. We're taking over the park and splashpad.
allready have august 13th
Our "official" start date is September 4th. But we really never stop learning.

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