How do I sign myself up for public high school of my parents don't approve, and I'm currently homeschooled?

Hon, you can't. Your parents have to enroll you.

That said, why don't you see if they'll let you take co op classes in your area, or concurrent enrollment? These will both allow you classroom instruction while letting you choose the course, the instructor, and the level of difficulty.

Why do you want to go to school? Maybe this is what you should be discussing with your parents. As a homeschooler, and especially as a homeschooled high schooler, you should be able to have a say in what you do. My son is a homeschooled 5th grader, and gets to help decide his co op involvement and curriculum; he doesn't get final say of course, but he gets to help with the process. As a high schooler, you should be at the level where you are more independent; if you approach your parents with wanting to show more responsibility in your education, they may be willing to let you do that.

Do you not like your curriculum? Do some research as to what's out there, and talk with your parents about why you'd like to change.

Are you wanting more social opportunities? Find out what the homeschool groups in your area research, and talk with your folks about getting involved. Ours offers college prep classes, yearbook club, volunteer opportunities, field trips, game nights, etc. All-inclusive groups in our area (you don't have to belong to the group to participate) offer homeschool prom and a graduation ceremony for the seniors to walk at graduation. Groups in your area may offer the same things.

I think before you try to battle your parents on this, you need to identify what the reasons are behind your wanting to attend. If you just go head to head with them, they're going to win; if you show maturity and responsibility, and talk with them objectively about the actual reasons, they will be able to help you find what you're looking for. Maybe not in a public school, but there are other options :-)

Good luck!
If you are under age 18, I don't know of any school that would enroll you.

Talk with your parents and I hope they will talk with you.
Go to a lawyer and get help with liberation. You will need to show that you are financially able to provide food, clothing and lodging for yourself. It can be done but it is rarely done because most teens are not prepared to be adults and make their own decisions. Until they are liberated legally or reach adulthood, they should follow their parents instructions and leadership. It will make your life and your parent's life easier.
You don't if you're under 18. And if you could, it would probably cause a ton of problems between you and your parents.

Obviously, there's something about homeschooling you don't like and that you think will be fixed by going to public school. In most cases, there is a way to add to homeschooling to better meet the student's needs. Public school isn't what you need; it's one possible solution to whatever the problem is.

Identify the problem and have a talk with your parents about alternative solutions. Although you might personally still prefer going to public school, be open to something that will improve your situation.
Even if you could sign up for it, all your parents have to do is say "they ain't going nowhere" and it's done. I say that you talk with your parents about what is troubling you about home schooling...public school, even though it may seem WAY better than home schooling, has it's own problems that most would like to avoid. I am sure your parents have a reason, or several, that are good.

You could suggest taking evening classes, etc. to broaden your skills. Join community groups, etc to get the whole socialite existence you are craving.

If you go behind their back youa re begging for trouble.
You can't, your parents are the ones that have to enroll you in public school.
Until you reach the age of 18 legally they won't let you enroll into any school without your parents approval and signing you up. Sorry about that. You should talk down and really talk with them about what it is that makes you want to go to Public school.

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