Does your local homeschool community have a website?

Question:If you do have a local website do you use it?
What kinds of things are on it? Do you have to pay to use it?
If you don't have one would you use it if one was made available?

Yes, we have a Yahoo group... people post activities, questions, some general chit-chat. It's free.

We don't have a web forum, but if we did, I'd use that too.
my local homeschool **** needs to pay me back all the money that i put there cause they aint worth **** i swear
it has one, but i don't use it.
Yes, our local homeschool community has a website. I do use it because they have many different types of classes that kids can take, like arts and crafts and sign language. We don't have to pay to use the site, but we do need to pay for the classes that they offer.
We don't have one website for the whole community, but a couple of groups have their own websites. The two that I know of have a public website, then a secure website for members only.

The kinds of things on them: information about the group and things available with the group, information about homeschooling in our province, including hs laws, some tips about homeschooling and more. The secure members-only section for one is set up for announcing different activities and for the other, it's kind of all-encompassing: announcements, activities, a place to sell and buy items, a place to just chat...
We have several, they are free either through our Internet provider, Yahoo, or Scholastic's.
We use them often throughout the calendar year.
They are for members only, and are not linked anywhere else.
They require a user name and password which you receive after signing up.

We do try to verify new comers to be home school families, and have them send us their contact information to make such verification.

The sites list local coop's classes, and extra curricular activities, like swimming lessons, bowling afternoon, art classes, fundraisers for sports clubs, language classes, music lessons, educational opportunities in the community and surrounding area, field trips and so on.

The yahoo group can be found by typing in the name of the City, County, or State, and new families who are moving to the area and need more information, have limited access to these to make initial contact with one of the coordinators.

Since all home school coordinators have their personal information; name, address, phone number, as well as their e-mails listed, and the scheduled events state the dates, times, and places, we feel that because of privacy, and safety concerns it best that the sites are not be open for public viewing.

Most groups do not keep a site up and running in that sense, unless it is a state wide group who promotes their states home school conventions.
The sites you are looking for are often maintained by individual home school families who use it to educate the general public, or just want to share their story.
I know of several who also use it to teach their children how to navigate, and manage web pages as part of their schooling.
Many also have a business, or provide workshops, and the site is used to promote, and inform other home school families about the services they offer.
These can be found all over the Internet just by searching -- homeschooling --
My group has a basic website with general information about the group. In order to get more details, though, you have to apply through the yahoo!group. After you apply, arrangements are made for someone from the group to meet you. Once there is a face to face then you are given complete access to the yahoo!group which has the group calendar, new member packet, and contact lists.

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