Does anyone know about homeschooling or online virtual schools for Georgia?

Question:I am a 15 year old freshman currently attending a public high school in GA, and recently I have been researching homeschooling and virtual schools. I was previously in private school through the 8th grade, and after two weeks in public school I am thinking that maybe I should look into my other options. I would appreciate any helpful information or resources about homeschooling or online school. I would also particularly like to know more about Georgia Virtual School and any other online schools that a student in Georgia could use.

Georgia Virtual School is a k12 virtual academy. They have become very popular due to the fact that they have a great curriculum. You don't have to pay anything to enroll due to the fact that it is a public charter school. Don't let anyone tell you that it isn't a "real" school or that you won't get a good education. As long as you're willing to do the work, the potential to receive an excellent education is there. Best of luck!
you must be a real loser. i feel so bad for you. im sorry i dont know anything about fake schools. will give you the laws for homeschooling. Just find your state and it will show you how to legally homeschool in your state.

Also, go to and see if your state has a VS. Check to see if your state has an online school here. is from FL, but they do take kids from other states.
Don't let anyone put you down for looking into other options for schooling, all schooling is real schooling. In fact I have been in both private schooling and public schooling when I was in school. Now as a mother of 2, I am strongly considering homeschooling and virtual charter schooling for my daughters. I believe there are a lot of strengths this day and age in other school choices rather than the "usual" public or private schooling. Now I tend to totally disagree with everything that public schools stand for anymore (along with many others I talk to), and private school is so costly. Therefore, homeschooling and virtual schooling are on the rise. It's also to homeschool/virtual school today than it has been in the past. That all being said, you should look into what you want out of schooling and talk to your parents about what they feel you would grow best in and if they're willing to do other choices of schooling for you. I am not fully formiliar with Georgia's online schooling/ homeschooling options, however most states have a free online school and if you're looking into getting away from the public school curriculum there are many online schools that cost a small tuition but offer different courses than the standard public school ones. I wish you the best of luck!
GVA uses the K12 curriculum, which we've used for 5 years. It's *awesome*!!

It looks like GVA is only a K-8 school. There may be other virtual school options for high school. There are many online high schools you can pay for on your own, too. If you search the message archives, you'll find a lot of posts about them.

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