How to convince my parents to let me use virtual school.?

Question:Well, I really want to go to virtual school because alot of people say its great and its better then public schools. Ive been doing my research. I hate public schools because of the stupid kids who take 30minutes to right like 3 paragraphs. Kids who just inturupt the class every 5 minutes and I just hate it. I dont like working with other kids because there stupid and dont know what they are doing. Can anyone tell me how to convince my parents. I also miss alot of school days for personal reason. So how can i convince my parents?
I was looking into for my 10th grade of school. Any other ideas, please help.

There are a lot of virtual schools now that are state funded. You have the same requirements as your public school and must still participate in state testing. You will also receive a diploma and it will not cause any problems if you wish to go to college. We are using a K12 virtual academy. They have them in quite a few states now. You could check out their website and see if one is available where you live. The site is There is no charge to do the program through their virtual academy. They even provide a computer and printer (with some reimbursement for internet) and you provide some basic school supplies and pay for paper and ink for the printer. They have a very strong curriculum. At high school level, most students work independently. Good luck!
Explain to them what you just said. Or if you know a friend that does virtual home schooling, have them show your parents and have them see what it's like.
tell them watchu just told us..and if ur in high school or old enuf to get a job say u will get a job so they will think u have responsibility and it will pay off for u cuz u will get $$
i want to do wat u want to do my parents wont let me but maby you should just tell them exactly how you feel and maby they will understand unlike my parents they dont care but opefully yours do good luck

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