How can I get homeschooled?

My mom tryed homeschooling me last year.. I was pretty good at it but the system we used dident work well in math. Also I dident stay on the schedual and that schedual was really important to her because she runs her own buisness and makes dinner and all that. Well This year she made me go 2 public school and I can already tell I'm not doing as good at it and I hate it!! Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could get my mom 2 homeschool me again and what program we could use as my schooling??

Instead of trying to convince her, really talk with her about how she feels about it, why she doesn't want to, then share your feelings about school and ask her how things can maybe be worked out. Just talk with her without asking her specifically to homeschool.

As for a program... You didn't say what you used, so it's kind of hard to recommend something different. There are sooo many resources you there, it would be difficult to tell you just one.
sorry but I'm afraid your going to stay in public schools sorry your mom doesn't like it because you didn't stick to it so sorry history 101 here you come
I was homeschooled before and my story is the same as yours! I can't figure it out either!! Hope you can!
Contact your state education department. I'm sure they have guidelines and maybe some information.
sometimes no means no. The other thing you can try is to request materials from your school that can give her a sense of the scheduling. Look up homeshcooling on the internet. Sometimes they have compelling information that might get her to change her mind.
Good luck
I'm not really sure how you can talk your mom into it but I know that Sylvan has a terrific homeschooling program. My little cousin is doing it because he has cerebral palsy and has to miss alot of school. He is now about 2 years ahead of everyone else his age because Sylvan works with you, keeps track of your progress, and if you are having trouble they are right there to guide you along. It's all done over the internet too which makes it easier. You do have to be motivated enough though to stick with it because they have guidelines that you must follow and they do not like you getting behind. They will help you but you have to be willing to help yourself. Maybe if you would show your mom that you can face responsibility and prove that you learned from your mistakes the first time maybe she will think about it but I wouldn't keep bugging her about it. With my kids, the more they bugged the less they got. I hope this helps a little.
Deborah K. Ward
I was homeschooled the last two years of high school through a computer school. I lived into Ohio so my online school was called VC of Ohio (VC - Virtual Community). That school I started my senior year. My junior year, my public high school had an online school program and I took that. Maybe you should talk to your guidance consouler, that's where I got my help from and researching the web. Homeschooling is great, no interuptions and plus I graduated third in my class.

ALLLOOOT better than public.
It seems as though the system you used didn't work out so well for your grammar or spelling proficiency either. Perhaps you'll do better in public school--there are all kinds of programs available for the kids who need more help.
Attending school is a very important part of your education; being homeschooled just doesn't cover the ground for you, plus, you need to socialize with your contemporaries, a skill you lose out on at home. Many parents are not qualified to teach either, so you're better off in school.

BTW, I re-wrote your query which gives another reason why you need to go to regular school.

My mom tried homeschooling me last year...I was pretty good at it but the system we used didn't work well in math. Also I didn't stay on the schedule and that schedule was really important to her because she runs her own business, makes dinner and all that.
Well, this year she made me go to public school and I can already tell I'm not doing as well as I was at home and I hate it!
(I suspect you hate it because at school you have to adhere to the rules and the schedule)
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get my mom to homeschool me again and what program we could use for my schooling?
Do you have and aunt or uncle who can teach you and then your mom can say it her if the paper work requires it or do you have a friend who gets homeschooled so that you can get schooled together
1.hmmm tell ur u will drop out if she dosent homeschool,2.tell her u will get a job so that u will have responsibility,3.and u shud use online homeschool ur mom doesnt even have to be really involved in it i herd
i was homeschooled for 3 years because my mom didnt like the school system and we couldnt afford any good private school. my sister and i enrolled in HEP. its like a private school, but they exept alot more from the students.
tell your mom you really feel more comfortable with homeschooling. she might have enrolled you in public school because of scocial needs. thats why my mom put us back in public school.
I am homeschooled and loving it! Public school sucks and I'm facing the same problem- my parents also want me to go back to school. I did have some trouble with schedule when I started out but now I'm ok. Maybe I could help you out. what country/state or province do you live in?

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