Help! I want to earn my high school diploma and keep/earn credits, but dont want to go to a public school.?

Question:I will be in 10th grade this year

What i really want to do is find an affordable home-school tutor that will teach me all my subjects, if you guys know of anything or anyone please let me know


I've heard about online classes, Clonlara, Penn Foster and getting a curriculum from the library. But im confused as to which one is the best. For me, i couldnt stay on the computer all day my head would kill. Anyone have anything to say about Penn Foster or things like that, that would help? And if i do get a curriculum from the library, can i still keep my freshman credits and earn my sophomore credits and everything and will i be earning my high school dimploma?

Sorry for all the questions, but im confused and need feedback on this fast!! Thanks so much

If you choose to do your schoolwork at home, you will recieve a diploma from the person in charge, NOT your state or local school. If you take all your courses online, and pay them to grade your work, like Penn Foster, your diploma would come from them. It is up to the individual institution to decide if your prior credits will transfer. If you are interested in what the laws in your state require for homeschooling, please visit the site below for great info, and many links to companies that will provide you with a diploma from the state they are based in.
First, if you go with an online program (K12 is another one; there may be virtual charter or public schools where you live, too; there are also some things called homeschool academies you could look up or something like A Beka (very respected)), please do NOT think you'd be on the computer all day long. While school requires you to be at school for roughly 7 hours, and 6 of those in class, probably half your time, if not more, in school is spent listening to your teacher give information you take notes on or explaining in detail some example from a book, class discussions and waiting for all the questions and sitting down and everything else the other students are busy doing. The online homeschoolers I know of tend to be done their work in 4-5 hours max per day. And I don't know about the programs you are looking into, but the one I know of from our local public schools just gives you the assignments online--you still have to read textbooks, work out your math on paper and all that.

As for just plain homeschooling, if you do that, your parents are likely in charge of your high school diploma. You'll have to look into how it works where you live. I would assume that your parents would recognize your freshman credits. ;) Try to find a local or state-based homeschooling support group and ask them about how families there go about getting high school diplomas.

As for the 'affordable' tutor, please think about what you are asking: somebody who will teach you ALL of your subjects for very little? How's this person going to be able to pay for rent/mortgage, food, etc.? It would be cheaper to go to a private school than to pay someone to teach you everything.

Lastly, in regards to which online program, there is no 'best'. Most are going to be pretty good. Learn about what they offer, how much they cost (if they cost anything--virtual public schools are free) and all that and pick one if that's the route you want to go.
alright this is what i'm doing... i went and talked to a counsler at the high school about maybe taking some or one class there and the rest online and if i could gradute with the class that would be my same year. well check if they will let you some do and some dont. well anyway go to they have some great classes there and thats were i'm doing mine another place is byu independant study another great one and i believe in some places they have a building for classes if you want to be in a classroom. hope this was helpful
If you do not want to be on the computer for many hours then I would suggest Penn Foster. They are nationally and regionally accredited. They send you your books in the mail and you do your exams online. Also, you will be able to transfer your credits from your regular high school. Order their info package from their website.

Also, you will need to know how to register as a homeschooler in your state. To do this go to the website. They have all the information on what you will need to do.
I think it's great you are interested in being schooled from home. You have several options. If you live in Missouri they just started the Virtual on-line classes this year.
I homeschooled my daughter through high school and this is her senior year. She wanted to try the on-line classes to help prepare herself for the rigors of college. The MO VIP is state funded, you might be able to get that benefit. Yes you can keep all your credits, you earned them and no one can take that away from you. You will need your parents consent to homeschool or legal guardian. If you homeschool you will need to get a lot of information from a homeschooling source.
On line would be an easy way to switch. Talk to some of the high school kids that are homeschooled on MSN groups. (Schools & Education)
I graduated through American School of Correspondence. It is a great program, you should check them out. They might be good for you.

Sorry I can't write more information about it, I'm in a hurry :)
If you do virtual charter schooling you usually have to have about 5-6 hours a day of "schooling" but most don't recommend you actually be online any more than 4 hours a day and you can make a schedule that works for you so that you don't even have to be online for 4 hours straight a day. You could do 2 hours in the morning and 2 in the evening if need be. Also, the rest of the day consists of work done off-line, like reading books or doing what would be considered in the public school terms as "homework or study hall work". So it's not like being online for 7 hours a day. Also, most onine schooling will give you a "test" before you start to see where you place and start you off in that grade and I believe most will carry over credits accumulated from your previous school. Another thing, as far as I've heard colleges and employers will recognize virtual schooling and homeschooling diplomas as valid and I've even heard where someone completed all schooling through homeschooling and for whatever reason didn't get an actual diploma upon finishing... but they just put on their application that they completed all courses in homeschooling and had their portfolio of work to prove it and that even worked for them. Homeschooling and virutual schooling are becoming much more accepted this day and age in America b/c a lot of people realize how much more people can learn that way since they will usually have better social skills b/c they're around people during the day while their peers are stuck sitting a building for 7 hours a day. So I suggest you just talk to your parents and really look into all of your options to make the best plan that works for you. Best of luck!!

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