How do I get my child's schoolwork accredited in the state of Texas?

Question:My child is entering ninth grade, and my neighbor... who has homeschooled all 3 of her children for years... told me that I do not have to have an accredited program, rather, I could send something into the state with grades, etc... and they could accredit it? How so, any websites with info?


In Texas you do not have to have your child's work accredited.

In Texas, homeschool's are considered private school's by law. They are not accredited programs and never will. This is what keeps homeschooling in Texas the best. You have no one you have to answer to.

There are however accredited programs that homeschoolers can use in the state of Texas if they are uncomfortable going without.

Parents issue their own diplomas, and transcripts that most college's accept. So does the US armed forces. Homeschooler's are especially saught after by institutes of higher learning for their diversity and high college entrance test scores.
To legally homeschool in TX find out the laws from this website.

What program are you using?

I am using Penn Foster High School and it is accredited Nationally and Regionally.

It's $900 for all four years of high school. They even allow monthly payments of $34.
Homeschooling is normally accredited through the home schooling organizations that Texas would recognize. Many Home schooling kids will enter high school for their senior year just to get a diploma from an accredited high school, which makes getting into college a bit easier.
You are the second person from Texas to ask a question like this. I don't know what it is, but maybe you could find out, then I could let the other person know too.

Why don't you ask your neighbor for the contact info and web addresses, since she is the one who told you, and since she is probably doing this with her own kids, she should have the info.
You'll probably need to contact the Texas Education Agency to find out the details on that.
I live in Texas, and no, you do not need to work with an accredited program to homeschool. However, if you ever think you may need to place your children in to the public school system in Texas you need to find out if your district will accept a parent produced transcript. The Texas Education Agency leaves that decision up to each district. Some Districts will only accept official transcripts from a handful of places.
Now, as far as sending in your work to have it accredited? Can't do that. Places are accredited, not work. And, in the state of Texas, especially, the state has no dealings like this with the homeschool community.
If you want your children's work accredited, you must enroll them in an umbrella type program that is accredited and will be able to produce an official transcript.
I've been homeschooling for several years, plus I counsel families in transitions between publicschool and homeschooling and I have never heard of what your neighbor mentioned, but I could've missed it.
If you can't figure this out why are you trying to be a teacher?

Your child deserves better!
if you are home school in texas you are considered a privet school there for you make the rules so if you say it counts it counts, you are also the one who decides if they get a diploma at the end of there senior year you decide how much credit they need, because you are a privet school and the state can not stop you

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