Can you still get hold of your dignified university diploma if you win homeschooled?

Okay so i want to get home school b/c i really don't find anything out of going to the regular schools out hear and the singular way i can move about to a better private school is necessarily if i were rich and I'm not. Also university is not a challenge for me so it's so boring sometimes i basically bla and i don't get to serious nearly my work and i feel that i could procure further if i went of on my own. So me and my mom thought that maby it would be a worthy idea for me to gain home schooled but we don't know a great deal about homeschooling i be wondering can you still get ur giant school diploma or do you return with something else like ur GED instead. If you bring back something else what is it pls when you give me information engineer sure that it goes into detail roughly things.

Answers:    As mentioned, every state differs, so contact your local state Homeschool Association to find out the details. Here in California homeschoolers can receive a giant school diploma contained by several ways:

1. Be enrolled contained by a public school home study program and receive indistinguishable diploma as classroom students.

2. Enroll in a private school's Independent Study Program and draw together their graduation requirements to receive a diploma.

3. (Really the same as #2) Your parents can establish a private academy, determine their graduation requirements, and issue you a diploma whenever they want.

4. Many teens take the California High School Proficiency Exam and receive a Proficiency Certificate from the state, the allowed equivalent of a high university diploma.

5. Take and go past the GED.

6. 18-year-olds may take community college courses minus a high academy diploma. If they want, they can later apply to a University base on their CC records, and budge on to graduate from University without ever "graduating" from large school.
First, it depends on what state you are surrounded by. The Homeschooling laws differ from state to state. The links below may aid find the information for the state you live in.

In Minnesota, we hold to be affiliated with a regular institution and we would be eligible to do the whole graduation ceremony and receive our diploma.

Good luck.
We enjoy a homeschooled (half-way through kindergarten to graduation) son in college and at hand was no problem next to his entry into college with simply his home school transcript from giant school and his ACT rack up. The college even chased him down to give him a full tuition funding. :)

In our state, if the homeschool students has taken courses and passed them surrounded by their homeschool equal to the requirements of the public school kids, they are eligible for a special graduation ceremony within the state capitol. It is a full cap and gown, treatise diploma, throw the hat surrounded by the air event. The homeschool diplomas are even signed by the governor.
Yes, you can procure your diploma if you are home schooled depending on the arts school. If you live in Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Colorado, OHDELA is an pick for you. This stands for Ohio Distance & Electronic Learning Academy.

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