How many HSers also try?

Question:How many of you homeschoolers also try to grow/eat organic food, make your own furniture the down-to-earth, do-it-yourself lifestyle (like amish)?

We grow some of our food, and we grow it without chemicals. However, we also buy a lot from the grocery store and we can't afford the organic stuff.

As far as furniture, most of ours comes from Good Will or a Garage Sale.

I guess for us, its more about saving money so we CAN homeschool.
count me out
Nope. Except maybe to purchase organic foods more. So far, I only like to buy organic carrots. lol. We are a very modern family in every other way, except that I do enjoy handwork (cross-stitch, knitting, etc.) and my kids enjoy it, too.
Everything from growing food, to remodeling whole rooms; that's how one of our daughters found out she would like to become a designer; gets tried at least once, or twice since it teaches us new skills, and also lets us find out what we like. Some things we may want to continue, and learn more about, even if it's just as a hobby.

The new endeavor on the calendar is to buy a project car so my husband, and our son can restore it, plenty of mechanical skills will be learned, as well as giving them extra "quality time" together.
We do these as they apply to my son's interest. For instance, after much thought and research, he decided to become a vegetarian (for health and animal welfare reasons)...he also enjoys gardening, so one of his science projects next winter/spring/summer will be to grow an organic garden.

He is active in Scouts, and chooses to complete a number of projects, so he makes a lot of things.

He likes to try to find ways to conserve both money and resources, so from time to time we'll make something instead of buying it.

For us, it's not so much about a down-to-earth, do-it-ourselves lifestyle as it is trying new things and learning from them. If we experiment with making our own bread and honestly don't like it, we go back to buying it from the store.
We like to eat fairly healthy, we like to garden (particularly herbs), and I like to find gems at garage sales and restore them as a hobby... but we're far from Amish, lol.

I give credit to those who can homestead or live very simple do-it-yourself self-sustaining lifestyles, but I'm too spoiled by some conveniences.
No. I don't consider myself lazy but that would be too much for me. I admire people who live that way, but just don't have the energy for it myself. I like modern conveniences. Our life is somewhat Spartan and we do many things rather than hire them done, but not to the point of making our own furniture. We do, however, buy used things rather than new things.
I try to incorporate gardening into our school work. I read some books by Raymond Moore and he really inspired me to try many things with my children. Some are just for the experience and other activities are geared towards finding their passions ans skills. One of my goals is to teach my children how to support themselves doing something they love, talk about a challenge!

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