Is it possible for me to attain home school? Please read!?

Hi. I was wondering if anyone know if it was possible for me to be homeschooled, not by my parents, since I live beside my mom, and she was born surrounded by Russia, so she doesn't know enough to coach me. My parent's divorced, and blah, and I have be in depression since 2007, which is when my parents split. I can't run school. I don't mind it, but I never catch enough sleep. I stayed up till 7:30 surrounded by the morning today, and I just can't sleep when I want to. I enjoy compulsive thinking, and I'm Bipolar, and It's hard for me to function and concentrate contained by school. I've taken medication in the past, but it just made me drousy, and I hold greater mood swings from them. I know that you can't have a instructor come to you unless you have medical issues, but shouldn't mental disorder be one of them. I love society, but I can't take person around people for 6 hours, and away from my house. I enjoy separation issues, like, I can't be alone adjectives the time. I mean, I love one alone, but lately, I can't take it.

Answers:    I'm sorry things own been so rough for you this concluding year. Parents' divorcing is a tough thing to step through, and you are understandably have a hard time focusing on college right now. I'm glad that you hold a therapist to back you work with adjectives you are dealing with right very soon. Here are a few things you may want to think going on for and possibly discuss with her:

Homeschooling: You should check next to the school district you are surrounded by about whether mental bug qualifies as a idea for in-home instruction. Perhaps a letter from your psychotherapist to the district will help your grip. If they deny you, and you want to stick to a traditional high arts school plan, look into virtual or online schools, any nationally or contained by your area. Even homeschooling for a year or two may endow with you time to find a medication that works for you (if that's what you want), or at least digit out how you can manage your mental strength while finishing your education.

Social Support: The destruction, pressure and pettiness of high arts school can be overwhelming even when we are NOT dealing with extra issues. Don't feel doomed to failure that you are struggling to handle it right presently. You need some nontoxic spaces and activities you can do beside other people that are not overwhelming for you. You may want to look into a support group for teens whose parents are divorcing or enjoy divorced. Talking to others who understand what you are going through can be a source of strength. The other piece that may help is finding a personality or small group to exercise with. Exercise benefits heaps with mood disorders (try a google hunt on: benefits exercise bipolar), and may give you the positive interaction beside others you need minus being overwhelming. You should look into these goings-on even if you don't end up homeschooling.

No issue what you end up doing, I really hope that your situation improve soon, and you find the help you want.
It sounds like you're a honourable candidate for an online academy, or distance learning program. Your mom doesn't own to teach you.

School is clearly harm you, so why keep going?

You can see individuals when you're up for it, and avoid them when you're not.

Get in contact beside the homeschoolers in your nouns and make a study group or something so you can study contained by an environment that works for you.

There's no point in doing this sensitive of damage to your body when you hold an alternative.

To find out about getting a trainer sent, you'll have to ask your arts school.
From what you describe, I'm guessing that a typical homeschool situation or an unschooling situation where you are totally contained by charge probably wouldn't work. However, keep it surrounded by mind and look into it more. Rhode Island homeschool groups would be a great place to start asking specific questions of how original homeschooling works there.

Do homily to your school counsellor and/or the college district about other possibilities for your schooling. They may already own some form of an at-home program established, or independent studies, where you'd come into the institution regularly to submit your work and talk to a professor, or something else.

The other possibility would be an online or distance education provider. It doesn't look close to there's an online public school contained by your area, so that's out of the ask. But there are other online programs and distance study programs--but your parents would have to salary. Are they in a position to pay packet for schooling?

I do hope that whatever you do you are getting and will verbs to get counselling. The kind of behaviours you describe don't just step away on their own.
Dont think your the single one out there dealing beside these problems. You should start off by chitchat to a counselor at school to see if they can guide you into the right direction. I am sure they can serve you find homeschooling. I have a domestic member dealing beside a certain situation within school and have a teacher come to the home. If explicitly not an available to you I am sure a counselor can help you find an alternative solution for you such schooling. Medication works for some but not adjectives. You need to discuss how your passion with your doctor so that they can find any a new medication or discontinue the one your on. Please acquire help so that this doesnt catch worst. You should think something like exercise and doing other things that make you grain good.May be even reading a suitable book. It really does help because the more your alone doing have more time to reckon about depressing things. Keep your mind busy Wish you the best!

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