How many.?

Question:How many people-kids on here are actually home schooled? You know there's questions and stuff but it doesn't actually say your home schooled! Im home schooled and think it rocks. I wanna hear the other home schooled kids opinion.

I was homeschooled from Kindergarten through to Grade 13 and successfully graduated.

To me it is the best type of education you can give your child. I greatly enjoyed the flexibility and opportunities it allowed me and my siblings...things we could never have done had we been in school.

According to some older adults I've talked to about it, I've turned out quite well, and gave them a wonderful impression of homeschooling.
Sometimes I think it might have been nice to have gone to public school...more exciting perhaps. But I think I would have focused more on my social life than education. Not that I didn't have a social life, but I saved it until after my four-or-five-hour school day. I am pretty self-motivated, so I didn't skip school whenever I felt like it...and believe me, I felt like it. But I got it all done, and good grades to boot!

I'm glad I was home schooled...I got to learn things that other kids did not, and I got to advance more than I would have been allowed in public the time I was seven, I was learning Latin and Greek, and I was reading the Chronicles of Narnia. I agree with the poster. Home schooling rocks.
I homeschool my kids, ages 7, 9, and 12. Here's what they had to say about it:
"We don't have to get up super early and leave home to go to school. We've even gone to school in our pajamas. If we miss a day, we don't miss a days worth of school too. we get to choose our own lunch and snacks. You don't have to deal with bullies alone, siblings and mom and dad are always there to help you stand up for yourself. You don't have to have a hall pass to go to the bathroom.(LOL!) We can spend an entire day researching something we're interested in.
If it's a nice day we get to go outside to do our schoolwork. We get to listen to music while we work. We choose our own field trips and projects. We get to choose our own days off and holidays.We get to watch the Science, Discovery, History channels etc. for some of our projects. "

Dad says that he likes how the family has been able to stay close. We travel a lot to follow his job and he's gone a lot, homeschooling has allowed him to still be very involved in their education. We always know where they are and who they're with so we don't worry quite so much about their safety.
I like that I get to spend more time with my kids and know that they are getting the education that they need. Our 12yr old is ADHD and our 9yr old has really struggled with reading. I can give each of them the individualized attention they need as they need it instead of having them get behind while waiting for someone to realize they are having a problem.
We've managed to keep our oldest off meds and helped him learn how to focus his attention and calm himself down. We've enjoyed the freedom to travel to different states and meet people from all walks of life, including people from foreign countries. It's been quite an adventure.

I think that's what we all like the most, that school has been an adventure and not just something that had to be done.
I homeschool my daughter, almost two and almost five. The older one sometimes thinks it would be neat to be around all of the other kids. (She's seen so many cartoons and shows that feature school.) Then when I explained that they wouldn't let her talk and play all day at school she decided that she'd rather be at home. (She really, really, really loves to talk.) She also didn't like the idea of having to wait for the one time during a school day in which she would be allowed to eat or having to ask permission to use the bathroom.
love it my son is 14 and we love it

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