CyberSchool, revisted: 1)School Shootings 2)Staph Infections 3)Teacher Sexual Misconduct..still so critical?

When I proposed the idea of enrol my daughter in public cyberschool, the preponderance of inference on Yahoo was that she'd be socially isolated (which she's not because she take private lessons and still meet with her friends) and that it wasn't righteous for her.
She's been taking it for 2 months immediately and has received more attention from teacher in that time than she did cumulatively formerly in regular university.
Before the industrial revolution, the norm was self-teaching, not classroom schooling. Abraham, George Washington, etc., etc., learned to read and after self-taught.
So, is it just that herd-teaching is the one and only method we are accustomed to, so any deviation is automatically criticized?

Answers:    I know you must have gotten deeply of negative opinion of homeschooling before, but contained by actuality most of the nay-sayers on just don't own much to base their opinion on. They base their verdict on a preconceived notion of homeschoolers, or on the example of one family they've met. In actuality homeschoolers do relatively well surrounded by the "real world" when they grow up. They do own to go through a time of adjustment when they enter the workforce, BUT SO DO PUBLICLY EDUCATED KIDS, anyone who have hired a teen for their first paying job know that.

Homeschoolers are usually better prepared for the environment of college, where you are expected to do research and transport responsibilty for your education.

As far as college shootings, staph infections, and teacher sexual misconduct... ably I chose homeschooling before Columbine, beforehand most people have ever heard of MRSA, and while I am sure it happen, I had not hear of many cases of tutor sexual misconduct. Those things had zilch to do with my conclusion. I chose homeschooling so my children could get an background.
I feel alternatives to public lessons are good option. Parents can teach their children their own values. However, I do surface parents need to expose children to the reality that their values vary from other's and dispense children ways to observe the other option. There are other ways to give children socialization opportunity other than public school, like church, 4h, girl/boy scouts, etc.

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