Do you know any michigan homeschooling programs??

Question:So yea ive deff messed up my public school grades so to make it up i have to do some kind of homeschooling so that i can graduate somewhat on time. So does any one know any cheaper accreadited homeschools??

Clonlara (campus based in Ann Arbor) is accredited and offers both a Homeschool curriculum and a CompuHigh program with online classes. Good Luck!
Penn Foster High School. That's what I use. It's $900 for all four years of High School. It's cheaper if you send them your transcripts because they will credit those classes and lower your payment. If you can't pay it in full, they have month payments of $34 a month.
There is LFBC (Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum) and ACE ( both are good homeschooling programs. I've homeschooled my daughters using LFBC, and then they attended a private school using ACE, which can also be used for homeschooling. There is also Abeka, Rod and Staff, Christian Liberty, Bob Jones University, and a whole bunch of others. Check the below link for a whole bunch of curriculum publishers. Some publishers have an umbrella school you can enroll in, where they keep track of your grades, and issue a HS diploma, others are where your parents keep track of your grades, and you are basically kept track of everything on your own (the cheaper route to go). But you will not require a GED if you go the cheaper route, as you will have completed a HS education, and gotten a diploma. With ACE, we have had several students here in Texas who did not pass the TAKS test to graduate HS, but came to school to 'fill in' what they needed to get their diploma. By the way, these programs are US-Wide, not limited to any state or area, and most are world-wide.
Go through Penn Foster High School me its the cheapest and easiest way to get a real collage credited diploma.
Check out Christian Liberty Press, Abeka, ACE ( accelerated Christian Education, Bob Jones University there are many more. I personally am going with CLP ( Christian Liberty Press), you order your curriculum and they send you the CAT test ( California Aptitude test) you take it, send it in and they compile your curriculum for you. If you do the CLASS PLAN you will take the test and send them via US Postal and they correct it, they send you a Diploma. It is very inexpensive. It is a Christian Curriculum, if that's not what you want try some " secular " ones. I do believe CLP is Accredited. Also, when you order the info packet, there is a huge list of awesome secular and Christian colleges that accept CLP.
Hope you find what you are looking for.
Homeschooling mom of 3

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