Can parents legally force children into homeschooling agienst their will?

Question:Please help me out with this question. My parents keep threatening to force me into homeschooling. I know I would not be able to stand homeschooling with my parents. I like going to school. I dont think parents should be aloud to force children into homeschooling, but that is my opinion. I was wondering if it was legal to force a child to be home-schooled. Thanks

You say that they are threatening to put you in homeschool. That sounds as if they are considering that option because you are in some kind of trouble (low grades, being bullied, breaking school rules, etc.) If that is the case, than you need to determine what aspects of the situation you can change and change it. If you want to be allowed to make adult decisions for yourself than you have to prove that you can take control of your life and responsibility for your own actions. That is part of being an adult.

While they may listen to your opinions it is ultimately your parent's decision whether or not you homeschool. They are the ones who are ultimately responsible for how, what, when, and by whom you are taught. If they make the decision to homeschool than it is not because they are trying to make your life miserable, but because they feel it will give you the best chance for your future.
Yes, it is, just like any other choice that is there's to make in your best interest. Work on whatever it is that is making them threaten this, and they won't need to.
What I believe is when a child becomes a certain age that child should be able to say what s/he wants. They have a right to give their own opinion but it's the parents who make the final decision.

Maybe there is a reason your parents threaten to home school you. It might be something with the school or your behavior.
Yes, they can.
if you are under 18 then your answer is yes
they could, if they were able to provide "a sound and basic" education..they can't just stick you in the house all day and call it school, board of ed. would have to be satisfied with them.
if they're "threatening" you with it, I'd imagine it's because they have issues with your behavior or your school's influence over you. Have you tried asking them calmly what they would need from you to allow (not aloud) you to stay in your current school?
yes, they have the right to make your educational choices for you. your only chance to have some say is to approach them in a spirit of cooperation rather than opposition.
Yes,but they can't force you to learn.
Please consider the fact that your parents have your best int rest at heart and their decision is based on the environment that you are in at school.With that being said I hope they are not home schooling you at this time because it would mean either you are not paying attention or they really are not equipped for the job at hand . I took note of your spelling and it leaves a lot to be desired,so no matter how you are schooled please pay attention to reading and spelling and that alone will take you places in this world!
Yes, they can force you, just as they can force you to go to public school, charter school, private school, boarding school, military school... Do you think it's wrong for parents to be able to force their kids into any of the other situations? Why should it be different for homeschooling?

Since it is a threat on their part, it must mean you aren't meeting expectations in some way. Do the right thing in whatever they are expecting you to do and you won't have to worry about being homeschooled.
Yes, they can. Parents have the final say, UNLESS society can PROVE they are a detriment.
Yes they can (unless you happen to live in Germany).

Education Laws say that as a child you have a right to fulltime education but your parents have the responsibility for deciding how you should get that education. There is nothing you (or anyone else) can do to stop your parents going to your school tomorrow morning and de-registering you if that's what they want to do. The fact that they haven't already done so suggests to me that they want to give you a chance to put right the problems and reassure them about whatever it is that is bothering them re allowing you to go to school. Doing that is the only way (probably!)you can make sure you're allowed to keep going to school.
They are your parents...they can legally do anything!
Yes, if they believe it is the best thing for you they can make you do it.

I wonder why they keep "threatening" to homeschool you. Are you failing in Public School? Are you getting into trouble? Are you spending so much time "socializing" that you aren't learning? Are you becoming more and more disrespectful of your parents? Are you going with the crowd regardless of whether what they do is right or wrong?

If any of these things are the reasons your parents have for considering homeschooling, maybe you'd better straighten up if you don't want to be homeschooled.

Aside from that, homeschooling is great and I don't think you should knock it before you try it.

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