Being homeschooled?

Question:Where can i find info about it, prices, etc..
For an high school student..


state education board
Your states education board, that is who regulates and monitors the requirments.
I am just sending your links that may help you and answer more of your questions. Go to the bottom of the first link for more options.
state education board or try mine
Every state has different laws regarding homeschooling. Some determine subjects to be taught and hours of attendance, and some have no requirements whatsoever. So I'd check the laws first

As for how and how much, that all depends on what exactly you're wanting. For general info I'd check out some homeschooling books on the library. Do you want a complete packaged program that provides everything down to the pencils? Do you want an on-line program? Do you want some freedom in choosing what topics to study?

I'd also check with your local community college. Most will start accepting students at 15, and students get high school and college credits for the class (meaning that they may be able to finish high school and get a degree at the same time).

I'd also check with local homeschool groups. You can find them on-line at Yahoo groups by typing in your city or state and "homeschool" or "homeschooling" (or any combination).

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