Homeschooling help out PLEASE!!! I want to be home school!?

Geeze!! Oh how i would love to be home schooled!
The extra time you can spend socializing near family and friends and everything!

You see, I produced this conception to my parents and they thought i was wacky! They said I would miss out on the social aspect of being contained by school, I would be lonely. my brother said it would hamper me psychologically, either socially, intellectually, mentally? please give a hand,
The reason why i will to be home schooled is the fundamental reason that my parents travel greatly and every time I tag along, I finale up skipping school and I grain guilty. However, my parents disapprove of this and say I'm barmy. They also say im getting bullied which Is unquestionably not true!

I need something persuasive PLEASE, please relieve!?
Any suggestions

Answers:    Some questions... do you own friends, neighbors, people you hang up out with outside of institution. Are you associated with any clubs or sport? If so, you'll miss out on nil and gain more than you think!
My daughter definitely hated arts school from about 11 years antiquated, bt in my eyes she couldn't offer us a real idea!!, so we decided as parents to tolerate her have her route for a year and see what came of it. After an exhausting year I be sooo impressed and as a member of the homeschooling association contained by our area and a former non-lover of homeschooling, I enjoy to say, there's something different roughly homeschooled kids. They seem slightly elder for their age, and a little more interested contained by the world around them, and OK YES I KNOW there are plenty of these kids outside of homeschooling too. BUT what I notice is that our daughter became smaller number self obsessed. I other get highly positive comments about her very soon, how well in the swing of things she is.. things we had never hear before. it also reinforced our relationship to draw from ready for the teen years!
BUT homeschooling requires a large amount of commitment from your parents or at least one, unless you can find a tutor.
The certainty that your parents travel allot is a very TRUE reason for wanting to be homeschooled. Perhaps win them over near a trial period, that instrument you could prove how beneficial it would be and also see for yourself, you may not like it!!
okay actually the in one piece point of school is to cram AND SOCIALIZE which is why it'd be difficult to make spanking new friends all the time

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