Homeschooling in Connecticut...?

Question:What does one need in order to legally homeschool your child in this state?


From the link:

**Compulsory School Age
"five years of age and over and under eighteen years of age" five- or six-year-olds can opt out when the parent goes to the school district and signs an option form

**Connecticut Legal Home Schooling Option:

Legal Option:
Establish and operate a home school

Generally, 180 days per year

Reading, writing, spelling, English, grammar, geography, arithmetic, United States history, and citizenship, including a study of the town, state and federal governments


None, but parents may voluntarily comply with State Dept. of Education guidelines by filing a";Notice of Intent" form with the local superintendent within 10 days of the start of home school

The guidelines require that parents maintain a portfolio indicating that instruction in the required courses has been given

Look up Home School Legal Defense Association on line... I think their web address is or .com... not sure the ending.. anyways they have the legalities required for each state.. and lots of links and advice also stories from each state if anyone has had trouble with officials in that state, also you can join them and get legal defense just in case you have to deal with officials that are giving people trouble who choose to home school. anyways, GOOD LUCK!!!

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