Does it suck to be home and your friends are at school?

Well if I'm 40 and my friends are at school then I would say yes.but then I would probably just kill myself if all i could get were kids to be my friend!

Look Country...which apparently you are...the question was aimed at me!She happens to be my best friend and was at College today while I was at home!So while you had time to sit at home doing nothing but keeping your children from leading normal healthy lives by keeping them secluded in your home..she was out furthering her education so she can make sure you get your welfare check on time next month by getting a raise and upping her career:-) have a nice day :-)
I just asked my 15 yr old son. His response: No

When asked "Why not?", his response: *shrug* because I get to see them after school.

I also asked my 8 yr old son. His response: No because I get to see them at the youth center for four or five hours.
According to my 9.5yo...

"No, because most of them are not at school. They're homeschooled like I am, and I see them each week at co op. I get to see them and play at all different times of day, most of the time."

And yes, he has friends that are ps'd to, he just sees them after school. He gets done about the same time they get out, most days, so he's not bored at all. :-)
Most of my dd's friends are homeschoolers, so they're not at school. She is not envious of her public schooled friends and thinks it sucks for THEM to have to be in school instead of being at home, out at a playground, doing fun stuff with family or other people...

Our occasional babysitter is a 16yo homeschooled student. All of her friends are public schooled--they're part of her sports training or coaching. She, too, thinks it sucks to be them! She has no desire to be in school.

It all depends on how you look at it. If you make your homeschooling experience a good one, live life instead of just sitting in class next to friends, then you won't think it sucks to be at home when your friends are at school.

I'm 14, home educated and my friends are either also home educated or they're away at boarding school. Personally I reckon it must suck more to be away at school for 9 months every year being told what to do and when to do it whilst knowing that those of us in our group, who are home educated, are free to do our own thing at home.
My daughters friends are scattered between many schools, so even if she went to one, she would not see them all anyway. She see's them after school and then of course a lot of them are home schooled and she can see then when they are done with work. Usually around lunch time.
No. Even if I was at school with them the only time I'd really get to talk to them would be between classes and during lunch. I get to see them plenty after school and when I can't see them I have time to do things I love.
Judging from the fact that you are a Mom because your "name" on here, and the fact that you answered questions about smoking an illegal substance in a manner in which you seem to show that you approve of this substance, I don't really think you have a right to question us homeschooling moms... considering you approve of people getting high. By the way, look up statistics at HSLDA... homeschoolers schooled at home by there moms with no further education beyond a HSD or a GED, do better at a college level than those children in a public school setting.
Doesn't it suck to be trapped at school for seven hours a day, for THIRTEEN dang years?! I mean, get real.

We have friends that unschool, we have friends that homeschool, and we have friends that go to public prison...I mean, school. And we just happen to be open-minded enough to realize that we can hang out with them in their season, so to speak. Today my 12 yo got to play video games with a friend for a few hours, then we went to the science museum, wreaked havoc there, then came home about the time his friends got out of school and came over. So, his world rocks.

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