I got lost mail?

Question:i need to know ...im in a home school program that you do EVERYTHING thru mail...i sent a exam to that school but the never got it ....so its lost...what happens to the exam i sent and plus ....is there anyway i can get it back..ohh and doesnt lost mail come back to you? ..if u can plz help im worried cuz these are my grades ....

Sometimes if it is properly addressed with a return address that is readable the mail will be returned to you. Also, I have had mail take 2-3 weeks to get to it's destination when it should only have taken 3-4 days. Don't despair. (but remember the news stories of people receiving their mail 30 years late with no explanation) Perhaps you should see if you can redo the exam. You will have to write them (and hopefully they will get it) a convincing letter requesting to rewrite, and maybe consider registering your important mail. Good luck. I hope it works out for you.
You have to talk to the school about this. And maybe photocopy your exam the next time so you have a copy or mail it through a more secure means than regular mail.
Have you got proof that you put your work in the post? As long as you have something (such as a receipt) to show you posted it, I'm guessing that they *might* let you do the exam again or give you an extrapolated mark based on your other work etc.

If the school relies on the postal service for getting work between the school and their students then I honestly can't imagine that you are the first person who has ever had work go missing

If you can't prove that you actually posted it, then I'd think you're in a much weaker position unfortunately. Worst case scenario: you'll just have to write it off, put it down to an expensive lesson learned...and make sure that you never again entrust any schoolwork to the post without coming away with some proof of posting!

Don't go on worrying about it though -what's done is done and can't be changed regardless of how anxious or badly you feel about it now.

Contact the school (or have your Mum contact the school if you reckon they'll take her more seriously) and discuss what their policy is concerning schoolwork that gets lost in transit and what you need to do now.
Talk to the school about it, and have your parents talk to them so they know its not just some kid who didn't do the work.

Next time:
1. Photocopy everything before you mail it.

2. Send it by insured mail, for about $1.50 you can insure a package for $200, if the post office loses it, they pay you $200, this gives them the motivation to handle it carefully!

3. Other mailing options are registered or certified mail, wihich can be combined with the insured mail option so you know when the package arrives.

For this time though, have your parents try to talk the school into letting you re-take the exam.

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