Online home schooling.?

what online home schooling program do YOU use or what are some that you think is really worthy?

Answers:    Why not try Bob Jones Home Sat program?
well i dont really enjoy one.
but ive been to connections academy.
and within pretty good.
but presently i got to public university
We have used K12 back and enjoyed it. I own reviewed it for another poster in the concluding few days. If you look in my profile beneath questions answered, you will find it slickly. You can get it as a homeschooler. As far as the actual learning/teaching experience (pre-high school) it is essentially one and the same as what the state virtuals and Connections Academy uses.

Now we are in an online homeschool course co-op. We enjoy assynchronous course material and an online classroom where on earth the kids and the volunteer homeschool mom or dad meet live for classes. We own kids from Hawaii, Canada, and many states across the US. When we draw from together for classes, we have a full -duplex audio system, a whiteboard, a article chat system, the ability to webcam, net push, run multimedia (Flash games, short movie clips, etc). Currently, the courses in progress are 1st category phonics, 1st grade math, Chemistry, Literary Analysis, Composition, and Algebra I. As more volunteer teacher come on, more classes will be added.

We are still small, but I think the view of an online course co-op is really going to catch on within a few years. The co-op is at
I think is really great.
However you can also find more curriculum, whether it's online or not online contained by

Best Wishes
here is k12 number give them a christen and yes it is in your state 1-8**-626-6413

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