Any Muslim homeschoolers here?

Question:Are there any muslim homeschoolers here?

Im a Muslim homeschooler. I have been home schooled most of my life, I take the James Madison High school course.
sorry i dont consider myself a scholar, (prob never will) but i starred it
I don't know any Muslim on who home schools but I do know one on Yahoo 360 who home schools. Email me if you would like more details.

I found this link for Australia:
You might be able to find something similar for where ever you live, ie for the right curriculum.

Found these also:

Best wishes.
I think Muslims should be exposed to reality in the confines of a public school. I as a parent should supplement and confirm their education through the holy words of God.

I am not aware of any home school families on that have identified themselves as Muslim home school families, or groups.

To find information on religious, and cultural specific home schooling groups visit this site:

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