Has anyone here ever heard of the Bob Jones homesat, distance learning program?

Question:Because i use it, just wondering

Yes. We used it mostly for Spanish 1 and 2. I have 4 children, we taped other classes too, mostly high school level. They really like biology. I was prepared to do most on my own, but have French background and couldn't teach Spanish - I kept using French. While we had it we taped a lot to use later. If the kids liked the programs on tape, they did them that way, if not they did them without.
Oh yeah; got mailings for it awhile back. Haven't used it though.
I have. I believe my mom even bought my sister and I use some of their curriculum one time, but we mostly used Abeka.
We got it 7 years ago. My kids have done science and history on it for 7 years. When they were in elementary they did a little of the spelling and penmanship, but really we only have time for them to watch 2 classes/day. I picked science and history because those two subjects, if I taught it, we would just read the book and discuss it a little bit, but not like the teachers do. The science is esp good. I also have the lit taped but so far we have not had time to watch it. When we first got the satellite dish we got it free but had to sign up for 2 years, so I taped everything I needed for 6 years. This year my kids started some high school courses; because my sister had HomeSat, BJU let me pay for a year of HomeSat so she could tape the high school classes for me that I want. I don't think they'd do that anymore because they've tightened their guidelines.

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