I am homeschooled and want to come across online homeschoolers.?

Hey, I am 13 years old, own been homeschooled for a year very soon, and I have lost frequent of my friends from public school. I would similar to to meet other homeschoolers by email or something but I don't really know how. We live on a fruit farm, so I don't have any neighbors. HELP! appreciation =D

Answers:    Though other homeschooled parents thought I was crazed, I prompted my 13 year old daughter to set up both a myspace and a facebook portrayal to allow her to access to her friends and peers in cyberspace. She have a private account for both and single allows people she instinctively knows to become friends. This have worked well for her. She get to chat with both public college and homeschool friends, and friends from camps, adventures and travels.

The set-up process is simple. If your parents enjoy you on strict parental controls online, you will need to discuss loosening them up surrounded by order to sign up for any type of account

Have them contact me if that turns out to be a problem. I've worked out a comfortable solution beside my daughter that has last for several years, and would be willing to share.
http://www.homeschool.com/ have forums

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