Educational Choice?

Question:Often I see questions like "home schooling for, or against".
My questions is why are some people oppossed to educational choice?

Home schooling, public, private, private Christian, charter, virutual, GED, each one is an option available to all parents.

Conventional schools are in the bussiness of providing a service; "education".
Like any other service, if I do not want, or do not like the quality of their products, I should have the choice to go some where else.
How would you react if you were told it was mandatory to shop at only one or two stores in town, even though they may not be equiped to adequatly meet your needs, or carry what you are looking for?
Not the same you say! School attendance is mandatory; how come?
If they offer such a great product; meaning a quality education, and a positive environment, all students would come voluntary.
So my question for home school opponents is, "are you just against home schooling, or are you simply against freedom of choice"?

I am in agreement with you on this. It amazes me how people can be pro-choice about everything EXCEPT the method of education.

I agree with Fangtaiyang that mandating some form of Education is a good idea, but I must disagree with the notion that it is necessary to mandate a conventional school in order to assure an Education.

I am not sure why SRIRANGAM G thinks you are judging, it sounds to me like you are asking a question, giving those opposed to homeschooling a chance to explain their position. Also, he or she goes in to great length to defend schools, as if you attacked them. However, I don't pick up on an attitude of attack judgment or attack when I read your question.

I have often heard people on this forum and other places state that they don't believe that homeschooling should be allowed. To me, those people are the ones making a blanket judgment of an entire group. I don't believe that I have ever heard a homeschool supporter say that Conventional School should not be allowed.

I understand why states might mandate testing, or an assessment by a teacher, or (my preference) a portfolio review from homeschoolers to show that the children are in fact being educated. Beyond that I don't see why its the states business where that education takes place.

Another thing I notice is that those who oppose homeschooling bring up the same old argument about learning social skills. Haven't they ever noticed that there are socially awkward people who spent their childhoods in Conventional school and remained socially awkward? There are also socially adept and active Public School attendees. The same is true of homeschoolers, some are more social than others.

I believe opponents are grasping for straws, it has been proved that homeschoolers do better academically, so the only thing left to criticize is the social aspect. None of the opponents come up with any statistics to back their claims. Yet one only has to go to the HSLDA website to see the statistic that show homeschoolers do better.

Some people just don't like diversity in any form. They want everyone to be forced to do as they do. Fortunately, they are not in charge of the world, and as an American I am free to make my own choices.
Mandatory schooling through secondary school was instituted to protect children from the exploitation of being put to work. As America entered the twentieth century, only about ten percent of all children were educated beyond elementary school. The rest were in the workforce.
Education is not mandatory because of poor quality and there are many children who choose not to be educated, but they are, and have been a small group since education was legislated for all.
As far as choice is concerned, have it your way, If you wish to home school or send your children to a private school, that is okey doke with me, but don't blame the public schools for your decision.
HI, Busymom. You are judging all the people are against homeschooling when you have heard arguments against it only from a few people. Please do not underestimate all the conventional schools. Some of them are teaching shops, I do agree. But that doesn't mean conventional schooling system is bad. These schools teach us brotherhood, social service, unity, patriotism etc. It is true that you have freedom of choice but you should think which type of education is better for your child and why. Just for scholastic education, home schooling can be recommended but that is not the end of education. Education means all-round development of body, mind and soul.

I'm always a little ill at ease when I answer the "are you for homeschooling" because it makes it sound like I'm against other choices if I am for homeschooling. We may very well use another form of schooling at some point, but for us, right now, homeschooling is how we want to go about it.
Most people who oppose homeschooling do so out of ignorance. They have no idea how homeschooling is really done so they form an opinion based on something they read, heard or just assumed. Homeschooling is "different" from what the majority of people do. People don't like different. They are uncomfortable with different and desire conformity.
Another, smaller group of people oppose homeschooling because they know exactly what it is about and it scares them. Public schools indoctrinate children, hence a whole generation can be taught to have similar views on various issues. Homeschoolers are immune to such indoctrination. A healthy percentage of homeschoolers are Christian. As a result, many teach conservative Christian values to their children. The opponents are often on the other side of the political spectrum and will not stand for this (google Robert Reich, a homeschool opponent of this kind). They claim that homeschooling will not result in "tolerant" citizens. They also claim that children have a right to learn worldviews different from their parents. Doubletalk for, we disagree with what you teach and we will outlaw your right to do it or regulate you to extinction.
Homeschoolers, beware.

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