AH homeschooling?

Question:ok so i have agoraphobia and my mom knows this. we dont have insurance and can't go to the doctor yet. school starts in 2 weeks and i asked her if i could try homeschooling this year to see if it helps me.

i had it really bad last year and it is so bad it is effecting my diet and i havent had "real" food in over a month.
how can i convince my mom to let me be homeschooled?!

i feel it would take a lot of anxiety away and i dont know what to tell her so she will let me do it.

I'm sorry for the suffering you feel. Many don't see issues like this as real, but to the person suffering they truly are. I read a really great article the other day that would help explain how crippling it can feel to have a physical or mental illness of any kind. First, I'd like to share it with you so maybe it can help you explain how you feel on a day to day basis having to deal with so many situations in the unnatural environment of public school (which is barely tolerated by a lot of emotionally healthy children). Here is the link to the article: http://www.butyoudontlooksick.com/2004/1...

A big concern you will need to address is that if you are agoraphobic, you don't want to become a shut it, which is a real danger! Overcoming is your main goal. But, overcoming is not necessarily done by the total, extreme immersion that is public school. Though there are people who end up working in a situation where they are in a crowd all day, the situation is usually much different. First, they are older and more mature, so able to handle social interactions better. This is another article that gives a good idea of the unnatural society of public school which may aggravate your agoraphobia: http://www.schoolofabraham.com/nothanks.
Again, more information for discussing how you feel and why you think homeschooling would help.

That said, I think homeschool is a good option for you if you will also ask your parents to make sure that they will help you get out of the house and interact so you won't become housebound and hiding from your fear.

Here is a link where you can find out homeschool laws in your state: http://www.hslda.org . Once you find out what is necessary to homeschool in your state, then find a local homeschool support group and talk to other homeschoolers (parents) about how they conform to the homeschool regulataions. You want to do that step with your mom or dad. But, if you show them that you are serious by getting all the information that you can about homeschooling, they will be more likely to listen.

Many children ask their parents to homeschool, but really aren't serious. Homeschooling requires a lot of personal dedication and work, so if you can show that you can be dedicated and at least find out what is required, you are more likely to convince them you are serious enough to make it work. Parents want what is best for their kids, but homeschooling is a step that many don't feel comfortable taking because of the responsibility and the desire to do nothing that would hurt or handicap their kids.

You really want to know how successful homeschoolers are, so you can alleviate the fears that come from letting go of the system (public education) that has been touted as the "expert" in preparing young people for productive lives. Homeschooling is VERY successful, but most people don't know that because they don't have the interaction to know that. If you go to http://www.nheri.org you will find info that will confirm the benefits and success of homeschooling.

As for your agoraphobia, I would recommend a doctor, but we don't do medical doctors! (very unpopular, I know I'll get negged for this paragraph, but I have no fear! :-) ) Anyway, there could be underlying health issues, or should I say, lifestyle issues, that are causing or aggravating the problem. A good Naturopathic Doctor will look at the whole picture and maybe run a hair analysis that could be the best starting point for getting rid of the agoraphobia. Instead of throwing pills at symptoms, naturopaths assess your situation and take corrective measure which don't use drugs that cause more problems. I have seen naturopaths work with medical doctors to keep people functioning while they are being healed though.

This is probably long enough for now to get you started. really hope you are able to get to a comfortable place where you can overcome at your own pace instead of being crippled by anxiety. Best to you!
seriosly, just go to real school.

you need to get over agoraphoria. otherwise you cant have a life.

just blaze it and you will be fine

if you blaze you will be hungry and be able to keep food down
you wont be scared about going outside. and then you can go to school. trust me it will help
tell her this is what you really need and its even affecting your health. Tell her that this is what you actually need and that for you to be happy, this is the only thing that will help. Stay strong and convince her
Seriously, I think you need to see a dr.

Ultimately it is up to your mom, but I personally don't believe in throwing someone head first into the middle of their phobia is ever a good idea, it can make a person worse.

My daughter was very shy from birth and when she went to school it got worse and worse because the environment was very intimidating for her.

Once we began homeschooling, we got her involved in smaller group activities where there was less pressure, and it really helped her come out of her shell.

Maybe you could explain to your mother that this is something you want to work on to get over but that school is a bit too overwhelming for you and you feel it's only making the problem worse.
Just ask her nicely.
What were here reasons to not do it? Have you looked into how homeschooling works where you live? If there is a free online program? Do your research and then present the information to your mom, tailoring your info specifically to her concerns, and she may decide to do it.

If not, make a point to see the school counsellor and if they'll help you out at all. You really need some form of treatment before it gets worse--because it can continue to get worse and worse and worse. With homeschooling, you could work on a form of 'self-treatment' and gradually build up your ability to be 'out there' and manage your panic in small doses. The danger with you homeschooling is that you may just lock yourself up at home and become a recluse. If you do that, then you'll be worse off than before.

Regardless of what you do, check out the book "Anxiety and Phobia Workbook" (available through Barnes and Noble or possibly at your local library--I know, it means going somewhere) or some other book on dealing with phobias and anxiety. Homeschooling itself won't do anything unless you specifically tackle the issue.
Explain your feelings to your mother just as you did in the explanation you posted. I believe she would allow you to be homeschooled.

Also, considering your medical condition, it would probably be best for you to be homeschooled until you get the proper medical care.

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