Home school for ,against? why?

For...considering I homeschool my son :-)

I am for it because he has needs that are not feasibly met in the daily classroom environment. My parents are teachers, and I grew up helping in their classrooms; I know full well the strengths and limitations of classroom learning. Both his academic and health needs are far outside the limits of what a daily classroom can offer.

He does not sit at the kitchen table all day long, poring over worksheets and sequestered in his little shell :-) He participates in 5 classes weekly at a co op with several other kids (grades 1-6, divided roughly by age group and ability), and he is active in Scouts, sports, AWANA, and other church activities.

He gets to learn at his own pace and according to his own interests; he is not limited or restricted by a classroom lesson plan. He tests as highly gifted and learns concepts at a mastery level far faster than many kids his age...he also has abstract thinking skills that are very advanced for his age. He is able to satisfy his thirst for knowledge, as well as his social needs, in a safe environment where he's free to be himself. There are schools out there that can provide such an environment - he attended one before we moved across the country - but sadly, none of the schools near us come close to fitting that description.

Home schooling is not for everyone, just as private or public schooling is not for everyone. Children are people, not objects, and they do not work the "one size fits all" mentality that people seem to want to shove them into these days. I don't have anything against schools (except the ones that are dead-set against actually educating and inspiring children due to a myriad of reasons), they just plain aren't a good fit for my son.

John A...In what corner of the universe does my son miss out on social opportunities? He socializes on a regular basis with kid his own age (from several different cities nearby, not just his neighborhood). He also associates frequently with babies and preschoolers, high schoolers, adults, and seniors.

"Socialize" means to train a person to function in society...and society is not made up of people just like him, born within a year of him, and living within one square mile of him. Society is made up of people from all different ages, backgrounds, viewpoints, and ability levels - which is exactly the world that he learns in, every day. Kids go to school to learn, not to "socialize".

Anyway, there's my 2 cents :-)
I am against it. The child misses out on social development skills that are so essential in today's society.
Social development in public schools means facing, assaults, rapes, murders, thefts, harassment's, segregation, humiliation. Now someone tell me why our children should go to public schools for social development? What could anyone learn from any of this?

Because I want my children to get a solid education.

Because my children don't need to worry about guns, drugs, rape, teasing, wearing the latest clothes, or liking the "right music", they can relax and be themselves.

Because I want my children to experience the real world, not the artificial, age caged, politically correct boxes called classrooms.

Because I believe in the Freedom of a parent to raise their children as they believe is best.

Because I don't think its healthy for this country for everyone to be taught what to think by a government mandated curriculum.

Because I want my children to learn how to think, and decide on their own what to think.

Because I love my children and enjoy spending time with them.
Defintally for!

Mainly because I was homeschooled until 4th grade and now I go to public school. So I have seen both sides and even now that I'm a junior in highschool I still believe highly that homeschooling is so much better.

In public schools there are so many things that children have to deal with that they shouldn't have to. In school teachers have to constantly stop or repeat themselves because either one somebody doesn't understand the material or two somebody wasn't listening. So because of this I think kids learn at a slower pace. Also, some teachers don't take their jobs nearly as seriously as they should. Alot of teachers go off on random subjects and begin having conversations with their students about something that has nothing to do with the school work. Yes, I am aware that teachers should develope atleast some sort of relationship with their students so the students feel comfortable, but after awhile it begins to get annoying and really cuts into learning. Favoring is also a big problem that I see in school. Teachers pay so much attention to some students and then some students are completely ignored. From my experience it's usually the soft spoken kids that get ignored, which is so not good for self-esteem.

There are alot of reasons why I think that public schools aren't a good choice because of students. I didn't begin swearing until I started public school. Not that I do swear alot now, but my point is until I stopped homeschooling the worst word I knew was stupid-head. When your child goes to a public school you can't control what your child starts to do. They are going to be exposed to so much more things then a child should see. To list a few: swearing, bullying, adults who really don't have much interest in children.

Kids in public schools also have to deal with living up to the image that society thinks is best. What I mean by this is kids go to school and to be 'cool' they do what everybody else is doing. For example, a girls see a celebirty wearing a very short skirt. Then she decides to wear it to school and tells her friends she thinks it's cool, a celebirty wore it etc. So then other girls begin to wear it because they want to be 'cool.' I personally see alot of girls who are just barely in middle school who wear clothing that I wouldn't even consider wearing because it looks so distastful and revealing.

People believe that kids who are homeschooled are unsocial but that is far from the truth. There are alot of sports out there that homeschooled children can join. Also there are homeschooling groups that homeschooling families can join and they can set of playdates, study groups etc. Co-op classes are another option. That way once a week (or how ever often it is) your children can get together with other children and have a study group/class. An added bonus to Co-op classes is that in most cases you will either be helping with the class, teaching it or know the person teaching it personally so you will know your children are in good hands.

I think I was more social while being homeschooled then I am now. I have been involved in dance classes since I was 3 so I made alot of friends through that, some which I'm still friends with. I was on a Tee-ball team and had plenty of friends there. I took swimming lessons for a year and made friends there and I joined a gym class for homeschooled children at a local YMCA. Plus I also had my siblings (I now have 6 siblings) and cousins to play with.

Now, it just seems like I'm so busy with school and homework that I have no time for socializing. My schedule is mainly the following: wake up, school, homework, dinner, dance class, repeat the next day. In my opinion it just feels like things would be easier if I were still homeschooled because my work would get done quicker so I would have more time on my own in the day. Then I might even beable to get a job so I can get my drivers liscense haha :).

Some last few pros to homeschooling out of the millions are: you spend more time with family, your schedule is more flexible, no icky school lunches ;). Also, if you get frustrated/bored you can always take a quick break before going back to homework and some people say homeschooled children are more well-mannered then public school kids. I'm not saying that is true or not, but that's just what I've heard from people.

If I were given the choice to be homeschooled I would take my parents up on the offer in a heart beat. Homeschooling is defintally something I will be considering for my children in the future...when I have kids that is. Sorry if this is long!!
For; it allows me to influence my children and believe it or not I actually like my kids. I like being with them and encouraging them( I could do without algebra, though). I have learned just as much as they have. When I am done with this adventure of home-schooling, I want to go back to school and get my teaching degree.
My child is ahead of her peers, and homeschooling was the only was I could challenge her academically. I had her in a private school when she was 4, but she was so far ahead. The Principal said next year she could help the teacher. I couldn't see paying for her to help the teacher, so I pulled her out. We completed K in 3 mons., 1st in 5 mons, and 2nd in8 mons. We use A Beka.
As far as for socialization - everyone seems to worry about that. (at least those who don't know any better!) My child is very active in sports, dance, arts classes and piano. She also meet twice week with other home schooled kids for extra classes. Also she had play time at the park and beach.
Homeschooling allows me to control who she is friend with and what she is exposed to. She is able to interact with children of all ages, not just kids her own age as she would if in school. She is very comfortable carrying on a conversation with an adult. She is also not exposed to the bad behavior that is in the public schools.
As for me it is nice having her at home. It allows more flexibility in our lives. We are no longer on the public schools schedule. We make our own.
Hope this helps.

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