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Question:heres the question simplify each expression----and - stands for negative the question is simplify each expression i have 60 questions of this but i may be able to catch on after these are answered...the questions are below simplify each expression

(-1)to the 5th power

-(-2) to the 3rd power

-5 to the second power

(-9) to the second power

-9 to the second power

3(-4) to the third power

-5(-1) to the fourth power

-5 to the second power(-3) to the third power

Let me guess, public school?
A negative number to an even power is even.
A negative number to an odd power.

Parentheses take precedence over exponentiation
A unary - takes precedence over exponentiation, so -(-2) would first be converted to +2 prior to the exponentiation

Exponentiation takes precedence over multiplication, so
in the 3(-4)^3 problem, you do the exponentiation first, then multiply
-(-2) to the third power
-(-2)= 2
2 to the third power= 2x2x2=8

hope tht helps a little
wat r u in? like, a public school?? 4th grade?? WOW
You just need to know (if you honestly don't already!) that two negatives make a positive, a negative and a positive make a negative and anything in brackets needs to be worked out first. The rest is easy.

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