How do you get started in homeschooling your child?

Question:My child is a 5th grader

You do need to look up the laws in your state. HSLDA will give you an overview of the laws and what kind of notification (if any) is required to withdraw your child from school and start homeschooling ( It is recommended that you not offer the school system or government any more information than is legally required.

I would suggest reading up on different methods through books at your local library. I always recommend "So You're Thinking about Homeschooling?" by Lisa Whelchel. There are many different methods from "school-at-home" to completely child/interest led learning with no sit-down curriculum. Some methods emphasize nature study or literature or liberal arts. And many homeschoolers use a variety of approaches to different subjects and have different ideas of what is necessary for a child to learn.

Here are a few websites with some useful information.
This one has almost everything about homeschooling there is. Beware of information overload:

This one discusses and reviews different curriculum and is a companion to a book about the same subject:

Worldbook has a general overview of recommended course studies by grade level that might help you get started, too:

You may also want to get in contact with a local support group, which are often listed at the HSLDA website and the A to Z Home's Cool website listed above.

Good luck!!
My son is a homeschooled 5th grader, and loves it!

This site will get you started. Just click on your state and they'll give you tons of info:

For curriculum, there are sooooo many choices out there...but this one is a compilation of many really good choices. They'll send you free catalog that's about the size of a phone book, and most of it's at discount:

I would also suggest getting in touch with some homeschool groups in your area, many can be found at the first site (once you click on your state, under "organizations") and others can be found by googling your city and "homeschool group". They can give you tons of great info and support, and can offer your child things like co op classes, field trips, volunteer opportunities, game nights and playdays, etc.

Good luck!
If you want to teach your child how to type without looking at the keyboard go to Mavis Beacon teaches typing if you have it or go to and click on math games it's a lot of fun for math.
Do research on the internet. here's some links to homeschooling places.
These 3 sites should give you all your answers.

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