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Question:I’m 14 and home schooled. I want to know if people who are home schooled get good job.I’m worried that if I don't learn enough I will not get a good job to support my family....when I went to school last year half the time I didn't learn much I needed to know about the real world..like in heath class the teacher would make us watch the same videos and do the same paper work..they hardly give you enough time to study so you can make sure you will never forget it....I’m asking because I might go to high school next yeah but I want to know if I do chose to stay in home school that I will learn enough to get a good job and have a good life for future family and for myself

Of course you can learn enough through homeschooling to get a good job. You actually have the opportunity to learn more since there is less wasted time. You also have more time to volunteer or get a part-time job which adds to your resume.

Homeschoolers get into college just as anybody else does. By that point, it doesn't matter on paper if you've homeschooled or not, it matters what you do with your time in college. Those who think that high school provides some innate advantage to getting a job or going to college don't really understand homeschooling.
i suggest that you go to high school. if you are really serious about having a good job and a good future there are many ways a high school can help. if you decide to go to high school, be involved. By this, i mean doing extra-curricular activities, sports clubs, etc. Not only will you make a lot of friends, but it will look really good on a resume or college application.
You are learning the same things they do in public school. You are just learning to do your work more independently, which most public school goers have difficulty. They have a problem doing their work without someone standing over them. You can get whatever job you wish when you grow up. Go to college to study whatever it is you wish to do and go for it. Don't let homeschooling or public schooling hold you back.
When you are home schooled you can learn as little, or as much about any subject you choose, the choice, and responsibility is yours.
You, and your parents are the only ones who can ultimately make the decision what is best for you.


In schools you learn what the curriculum prescribes, and you have little, or no input, and very little choice; you can still learn as long as you choose to do so.
You may just have to supplement a lot on your own, if you feel the schools curriculum is not adequate, or does not meet your needs.

Therefore we believe that home schooling is the better option.
It provides you with more choices; you can go to work part-time, and take community college classes while finishing your high school program.
All this can add up to a lot of practical experience that may benefit you later on.
The sky is the limit.

Talk with you parents, and explore all options.
Good Luck.
You can get into any college or university, and get a good job without even going to college just as well if not better if you are homeschooled. Many colleges are courting homeschoolers because of the educational diversity they bring to campus. Also, many employers have begun looking for homeschoolers because of the dedication and work ethic they bring to the workplace.

You are the key in your success, not the mode of education chosen. If you really want to succeed, you need to apply yourself. It sounds like you've already discovered that the education at public school is not superior. Considering homeschool graduates are doing so well, I'd say you made your decision.

As an indication how well homeschool graduates do:

#1 daughter - attended college a year early, graduated in 4 years with the final being part time. Graduated with honors and as outstanding senior in her major. Started a job in her field before graduation. Received an extra $2000 scholarship for having homeschooled through high school.

#2 daughter - working at an technology corporation that serves major photographers across the nation as Production Supervisor. At 20 years old she makes more than most college graduates. Did some college part time at first, but finally found that college classes were little or no help. At the encouragement of both her employers and the school dropped that last class she attempted to take (a class for the computer program used mostly at work) because she was already beyond the material provided in the class. They refunded her tuition.

#3 - only 17, already has a college scholarship waiting for music (will also get academic and homeschool scholarships from the college). At 17 (age of a junior in high school) passed the music theory test that many who attend the college as music majors do not pass. He will delay entry until 18 though. This year he is doing some physics and working to save money for when he attends college.

Remember though, others experience is no indication how you will do. It all depends on you, your dedication to your education and your desire to achieve. In the end, homeschooled or publicly schooled, the individual is responsible for their own success.

Best to you!
kids that homeschool can grow up and go to college and be very intellegent adults most home schoolers are actually smarter
Yes, you can definitely get into a great college and achieve your goals - the poster who posted about her 3 kids is a testament to that.

I teach homeschooled high school students in a co op setting, and they are some of the strongest students I have met. They can already, at grades 9-11, handle college work (and many of them are in concurrent enrollment and AP classes), and they will have no problem getting into good colleges.

My own 9yo is already working on an 8th grade level in many subjects; at the rate he's going, he'll be done with a standard high school curriculum by the time he's 14, and will be ready for AP and college classes during his high school years.

Of course, it really does depend on you - but you seem like you're concerned with your future and are willing to study. If you're willing to do the work and take advantage of opportunities that are open to you, homeschooling can give you the foundation that will help you do well.

Hope that helps!
Yes, people who get homeschooled get good jobs. Some of our earliest presidents and founding fathers were homeschooled, and that's ultimate in public scrutiny.

You should probably get online and google 'homeschoolers in college', I did that and got about a million hits. Spend some time each day and just look through and reassure yourself that homeschools do succeed!

College is easy, basically it's a continuation of what you are doing with a mix of public school. Yeah, people give you assignments and grades, but honestly, they don't give a crap if you do it or not. That's where so many public schoolers fail, they've had 13 years of being bribed and threatened and cajoled, given second chances for homework, etc. Most homeschoolers are used to working independently, get it done without a teacher telling them (at least I hope their parents are doing that, all the ones *I* know are doing college prep like that)

anyway, I'm blathering and I'm just going to post now. Have faith in yourself, in your knowledge and your desire to achieve, that's what will get you far, regardless of where you learn.
Hi...I'm 14 and home educated too...and I already have a provisional offer of a place at Uni...hopefully that goes some way to answer your question.

You're more likely to find that colleges and universities and employers prefer kids who have been home educated and therefore actively discriminate in favour of kids who were home educated. One thing my dad finds when he employs people who went through the school system is that they need to be told what to do and how to do it before they'll attempt anything. That need (or desire) to be 'spoon fed' puts a lot of colleges and employers off when they're looking at you as a prospective student or employee.

And, in a way, you already answered your own question when you said that, when you did go to school, you found that you didn't learn much of any relevance to you in the real world.

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