Home schooled kids...?

Question:im doin it this year and im so scared about people askin y i do it! what do u say when people ask u y u do it? i need advice on this really bad! im so scared people r gona think im weird! =..(

I don't think anyone has ever asked me why I'm home educated.

If they ask you, you could always respond by asking them why they go to school.

Or think about why you are doing homeschool this year. I'm assuming there must have been a reason why you and your parents decided to go from school to home education.

Or you could read (former US teacher of the year) John Taylor Gatto's article: Why Schools Don’t Educate for some ideas. It's available on several sites but, when I googled it, this was the one that came out at the top of the pile: http://www.naturalchild.org/guest/john_g...

Thing is: if they are your friends or family then they should support your decision to homeschool even if they disagree...and if they're strangers, then why worry what they think. It's YOUR life, YOUR education, YOUR future, not their's. You can't go through life worrying about what every person on the street says to you, thinks about you etc.
So why ARE you doing it? You must have a valid reason. Support it! At the very least, just tell people that you've decided it's the right thing for you, that you want to go at your pace and not be held back by a classroom. Read arguments for homeschooling on the web. I have a friend who is homeschooling her daughter, and she's part of a whole community of homeschooled kids that study together. I've also read that homeschooled kids are more comfortable with, and relate better to, all age groups, as they're not restricted to socializing only with their classmates.
honey, im homeschooled and im dying to go back to school, but im freakin scared to put one foot in a high school. maybe we can help each other
Well, why did you do it? Has someone convinced you that there's something wrong with your local schools? If you're afraid to explain it to someone else, your reasons for committing your poor kid to a home-school curriculum may be less than solid.
I've hs'ed my kids for 10 years now, and NOBODY has ever asked 'why' I do it. They've asked lots of other questions but not that one. I'd say that if you get that question it is most likely to be from extended family members.
Just tell them its whats right for you at this time, or tell them you want to learn, or you could copy the bumper sticker I have on my car and say, "Life's too short to ride the bus!"

After you've been homeschooling awhile you will probably see so may benefits that you won't need someone else to give you reasons.
If the kid is being picked on and is always coming home crying than its OK. You don't have to go by what others think because you know its the right thing. its your kids and not theres. If you want to skip your kids up 2 grades or take them out its OK. But the down side is they will miss all the fun. I was home school and I missed prom, and all the senior stuff. but your not weird if they say that than I think it them and there just putting you down to make them feel better about them self. So its OK
We do it because of weaknesses in public schools between students and staff. Zero tolerance, favoritism, lack of proper education, bullying, theft, harassment. Parents in public schools today deliberately push to make their child the popular ones just so the parents can look good. Then there are parents whose kids are quiet and harassed but the school sweeps it under the rug.
No school, anywhere, can guarantee a proper education or safety for any student.
If they think you're weird tell them they're just jealous because they can't do their homework in their pajamas :]

I was homeschooled for four years, and it's fine really if you get along with your parents/teacher. And as long as you keep healthy social relationships outside of your house, you won't become one of those strange kids like they show on tv-- that doesn't really happen to people, don't worry.

It's a lot of fun sometimes, and you get to learn at your own pace. So if you're really smart you can just keep moving up, and colleges like homeschooled kids. Don't worry about it :D
its just another way to go to school. its not anything different than going to school but your at your house.
You are really worried about what people are going to think about you, aren't you?

Well, what do YOU think about yourself?

How come they're not worrying about you thinking they're weird for not homeschooling?

Look, these other people are not better or worse than you are. If they think you're weird, that's THEIR problem, not yours. They're the ones unable to be open-minded about it. They're the ones being judgemental.

Btw, I *know* I'm weird and am not bothered by others thinking it. ;) Trust that you're okay however you are, whatever form of homeschooling you do. And if you feel weird, be proud of it. :D
Why do you care what others think of you? These are your kids and you are doing what is best for them. When people ask me why do I homeschool mine I say "because I love them."
I am a homeschool parent, and when someone asks me why we homeschool my children, I tell them that it is because it is the best option for MY family, i.e. MY children. It may or may not be the best option for other families/children, but my priority is with my own children.

My 9 year old daughter recently told someone that she is homeschooled so that she can get a customized education in lieu of a cookie cutter one (her words).

Weird is relevant...what is weird for someone else is not weird for you. For instance, some people think we are weird for homeschooling. Well, we think it is weird to spend the majority of the day at school, but NOT learning (a lot of that time is spent with non academic issues such as attendance, disciplining unruly students, etc). We find it weird to have to study math because it is 9:45 Monday, and then moving on to Science fifteen minutes later even though we have not completed the math just because it is now 10.

One of the best things you will probably get from homeschooling, from the sound of this question, is a sense of individualism! You are who you are-embrace that and make the most of it, without worrying what other people will think!

I wish you the best!
I've homeschooled my son for four years now; occasionally other kids ask him what he does for school (and after they find out they run home and ask if they can homeschool, too!), but no one has ever asked him WHY he homeschools. They do ask me from time to time, and people may ask your mom just out of curiosity, but I really don't think anyone will ask you.

When they ask him why he's not in school (like if we go to Michael's to get more paint for a history model or something), he just smiles and explains that he IS in school - and then proceeds to tell them everything about everything that he's studying. Oddly enough, that either shuts them up quick :-) or puts a smile on their face and they wish him good luck.

It's ok to be a little nervous about starting - I was scared to death! Now, however, I couldn't imagine not doing so. Once you get into it though, I think you'll find you really like it and you'll become more confident in your reasons for homeschooling.
First of all, and this may sound a bit harsh, but you do not owe anyone an explanation as to why you choose to home school.

There must be a real misconception in today's society that when people ask a question the other party is obligated to answer; we are not.

Does it really matter what people think of you, or your decisions?
You have your reasons, case closed.
Peer pressure is the worst thing in the world.

You going to do crack because they think you're weird if you don't.

Going to do sex because they think you're weird if you don't.

Going to jump off a cliff because they all do it.

You're not going to do well in homeschool until you get a back bone. That's require.

Homeschooling ONLY works for confident self-starters who don't need crutches to walk.
I felt very strange when I started to homeschool my children. I was kind of paranoid also, not taking them out during school hours etc. Many people like to make conversation with or about children, usually asking" what grade are you in?" or "where do you go to school?" Amazingly enough, when the reply was "we homeschool." The response was always positive. It seems somebody always had a relative/friend etc. who homeschools. Many people had questions about how it was done but I was never challenged on my decision to homeschool. I am still a little shy about my children's academic performance. I feel that how my kids conduct themselves reflects on the whole homeschooling community. But yeah. You'll feel weird and maybe others might think it's different. (and different is always weird) If anybody asks why, you can always reply, "Because I want to, and I can; isn't it great we have a choice?"
this is my 1st year also. i am in the 7th grade.
all my friend does is ask me why i am doin it! it makes me sooo mad!!
i just did it cause i felt like it was best at this time and for me to spend more time with my horses.
She doesnt understand that or horses!!
so i just change the subject
also if you do a co-op you will find NEW friends
Well it's nothing to be scared about. I am in eighth grade and this is my second year homeschooling. I like it pretty well. I have never been to public school, only christian and private schools. I tell people that I do it so I can work ahead and work at my own pace. Most people don't understand why we do it. They think we sit at home and do nothing. Another reason I am home schooled is because the public schools around her are not very good. Just be honest with them and tell them why YOU homeschool. It is different for everyone. Also tell them what activities you are involved in. Sports, co-ops, classes etc. This will let people sed that you actually do stuff. I know how you feel. Overwhelmed, nervous, scared, and worried about what everyone will think and say. Just remember not to let people tell you that homeschooling is stupid, or you don't really do anything. These kind of people, don't understand about homeschooling. Don't worry to much, and hang in there!

Hope this helped

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