Question:I have some questions about homeschooling? How does it work? How do you know what to teach your kids? Anything you could tell me would be greatly appreciated!! THANK YOU!

Wow, there's no way to answer this question quickly or easily. If you asked 20 homeschoolers "how" they homeschool you'd get 20 different answers.
The same applies to "what" to teach your kids. Some families follow the public school curriculum exactly, even using the same textbooks. Other families let their children decide what to study, and when to study it. The majority fall somewhere in between.

There are many different styles of homeschooling including: traditional (school-at-home), Charlotte Mason, Classical, unschooling, and eclectic (which is any combination of any of the above). You can google any of these for limitless websites (but it's really easy to get overwhelmed). I'd suggest checking some general homeschooling books out of the library and then looking on the internet for more information on which ever ones seem to be the best fit for your family.

Most families I know (us included) work with our kids to pick topics to study. For instance, my son has a deep love for all things WWII. He devours everything he can get his hands on (most of which bores me to tears ;). If he were in public school, he wouldn't be covering this topic in depth for another 4 years. Let's face it, unless you're only planning on doing it for a year, it doesn't really matter when or in what order they learn it.
try they will answer your questions and your local education dept
Wow, that is a huge question. It seems very overwhelming at first, but it becomes second nature after a while.
Your first step is to check out the laws for your area. is a great place to start. After that, you start looking into curriculum. There are a lot of options. Take your time going into it. Make sure you follow your child's interests.
You need to find a good support group or co-op as well. Try local churches or even the library. They usually can refer you. If you want more specifics or encouragement, feel free to email.
homeschooling is a very great opportunity for you and your child. It starts when you are ready to start. And your kids can move on when they are ready,not when the rest of the class is.
somethings I might suggest are the Coreknowledge series you can use these for the curriculum. They have a website you can order books there.
online schooling the parent doesn't have to do anything and you get a better education than in a public school.
Well as Carrie said ' Ask 20 different homeschoolers and get 20 different answers.'

Homeschool is most often done by the parent, but can be out-sourced to include a Tutor, or Virtual School or Umbrella School. Some used boxed curriculums and some 'wing-it'.

As for what to teach, you start with the basics and go from there. There are books that give ideas of where the kids should be at each grade level and the School Board websites have their State Standards that you can follow.
The best advice I have for you is this:

Join a homeschool support group so you can ask these questions and more, meet people in person, find out the specifics of out it works where you live, what sort of programs/extra-curriculars may be available, etc.

Read everything you can on homeschooling from the library and/or search around online.

I could tell you how it works where I live, but that'd only help you if you live where I live. I base my plans on local standards for math and LA (going above where appropriate) and on interests the kids have or things I just think would be interesting to show them or good to do. My kids are only 6 and 9, so I've got some leeway.
Homeschooling is easy if you have the patience of a saint! :P

You can get your curriculum from many different places. For my daughter and son I get curriculum from different teachers' stores around town... I just find what they are working on and get a book for it. You can get books from goodwill or other thrift stores too. I have also gotten some off of You can also google whatever subject and grade level and find many things out there to help you... I have gotten lots of worksheets offline. You can go to a public school site where you live and find out what each grade level is supposed to learn by the end of the year and then go by that. I have found that when I go to buy workbooks that sometimes the grade level on the cover of the book isn't always accurate for where my children actually are, so make sure you look through the book.

Good luck to you!

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