Anyone that has ever been homeschooled?

Question:do you feel it has paid off in the long run? or do you wish you went to a regular school. please list how it has helped you out or hurt you.


i have gone to school and i have homeschooled. in the long run i think homeschooling is more beneficial. you can suppliment yourself far beyond what a school system can, and you are able to go your on pace. if you learn fast like i did, it is even better because you don't need to feel held back. homeschooling has a ton of pluses! and not very many minuses soooo? it is all up to you now.
I know a 16yo girl who's entering her 5th year homeschooling. It's her choice where she schools and she has no desire to go to public school. She has control over her schedule, has time to do her sports training as well as work. She's very aware that it's required her to develop some good time management skills because there's no teacher telling her that this has to be handed in on this date or else. And she does have friends.

I don't think she'd say that homeschooling has harmed her in any way. It has helped give her more confidence, helped her develop good time management skills and has meant that she hasn't had to be around the nonsensical behaviour she sees from other teens when she's doing her training or her job.
I'm homeschooled, and I love it. I don't have to worry about going to school and dealing with all the problems plus I can do what I want when I want. I can do school at my own pace and I can go faster or slower if I want. I'm graduating soon and I'm 16 so I really like it. It's helped me alot.
I'm 16 now and will be a junior in highschool. I go to a public school right now but I was homeschooled up until 4th grade. I really wish I was still homeschooled and given the chance I would go back to it in a heart beat.

What I liked about being homeschooled:
My schedule was so flexible.
I was with my family all day.
I saw my mom so much more.
I actually enjoyed the homeschooling gym class that I went to at the YMCA near us.
I seemed to make friends easier in the gym class we went to back then where now it's hard for me to make friends at school.
If I got bored I could take alittle bit of time off and then I came back and was ready to work again.
We went on frequent field trips and when we went I actually learned something unlike the field trips I go on now at school.
And the list goes on and on.

What I don't like about public school:
My schedule is anything but flexible.
My mom works now so I don't get to see her nearly half as much as I used to.
I have to deal with so many rude and immature students.
Sometimes it feels like I'm learning at a 5th grade level when I'm going to be in 11th grade.
Teachers always have to repeat themselves because either somebody doesn't understand something or they just weren't listening.
It's alot more boring.
It feels pointless to be wasting my time going to and from school when I learned just fine at home.
I now hate gym class because I always feel like I'm not as good as all of the competitive and athletic students around me, where in my homeschool gym class nobody ever critized anybody.
The lunches are gross. ;) I had to say that one.
And this list also goes on for a very long time.

When People hear that I was homeschooled when I was younger they always tell me how I must have been so unsocial but it was the complete opposite. I attended (and still do attend) dance classes and I made plenty of friends there and I'm still friends with a few of them. When I was younger I was also in a swim class and I was on a Tee-ball team for awhile so I made friends there. Plus I always had my siblings (all six of us) and cousins. If anything I truely believe that I'm less social now. It sounds crazy but it is true and I also think I'm learning so much less then I used to learn.
Here goes...

I went to a public school until I was in the middle of seventh grade and then when I was struggleing with my English one night (my mom was helping me) she said well, honey it would be easier if you would start with the subject. I said mom I don't know how to find the subject. I just don't like English. (We moved three times before I got in to the seventh grade and I missed a lot of stuff because we moved. I'm not saying that it is all the school's fault...) My mom decided right then that I wasn't going back to school. She took me out of school and homeschooled me. I did great. I loved it! We did a variety of different books that really helped me for the rest of my seventh grade year and then my eighth grade year. When I was a freshman we decided to go with a private school and we did ACE Accelerated Christian Education. Which was a great program for me as I can read something and pretty much teach myself. Today I love picking out prepestional phrases out of a sentence!!

I have a high comprehension level. I love to read. I read fast and comprehend good.

I went to take my college entrance exam (which I don't think that I would've done, but by learning in homeschooling with mom one on one I like school now...) and I had to take Math, Reading and English. I haven't ever been good with Math. I knew how I would do it would go Reading the highest and then English second and then Math third.

I got the results my English was the highest. Basically I could take any English class that they had in the college. Then I scored high in Reading. I even did good on my essay!! Math is my worst subject of all so it wasn't as high as I expected. I went to college and did great. I was even able to take classes online because of homeschooling I was disiplined enough to stay on target and I did good with the online classes.

I say if you have the time to teach your child homeschooling would be the way to go. If my mom could do anything different I would say that I wish she would've not sent me to school until High School and then sent me only because there is so much on the computer now (I love computers.) And it would be hard to teach High School at home...although it could be done. Good Luck!!
I was homeschooled when i was younger and it wasn't that bad. I remember it actually being okay. My two older sisters and older brother really liked being homeschooled when they were younger too. But eventually later on when we were all a little older she put us in public school. If i could i would seriously consider going back to being homeschooled because it is a lot less hours of school. Dont have to deal with the mean teachers ignorant students and lots of other stuff. Plus in public school they have really crappy food. There are over a million reasons why public school is worse and homeschooling is better. I hope I helped you!
Dee -- I don't have any idea what they are protesting. Home owners still have to pay the tax for schools. From what I have seen from home schooling is not fair to the child. To further your education you must have a GED or graduate form hi school. Employment Apps don't ask if you been home schooled. There is no way of judging the quality of educaton received. Just a bunch of kids that will never go to a regular school and make a few frinds. Parents that have been home schooled are doin the same for their kids. Just hope they are rich. Or they will be on the welfare rolls... Just like the parents
i homeschooled and i feel that it help me in that i learned alot more than other student my age. when i went to public schools in 9th grade i couldn't understant why all the other students were so stupid. they didn't know anything about geography, history, science, or any of the other things that i had learned about. it hurt me in that i have a hard time getting along with other people my own age. i get along better with older people and feel that i have mutch more in common with adults. I also feel that most of the people my own age are stupid. its not something that i think about or relize i'm doing it is just kinda there.
I've been homeschooled all my life. i like it a lot i mean i learn plus have a lot of free time. and i don't have to wake up early or sit on a bus or in a class room. its really fun.
I was homeschooled my entire life, and I actually think I missed out on a lot. Part of it could be that I will be a certified teacher next year, and I have never spent any significant time in a school before. It's a little scary to think that I will be doing something I have never really seen modeled. Another thing is, now that I have seen how much preparation teachers put into a single lesson, it seems impossible for any one person to be able to prepare for it as well as someone who has actual training in teaching. But that's just my opinion. :-)
I did all methods and regular school taught me primary math, English grammar and a few odds and ends like working with plastics in shop.

Homeschooling in touch typing at the age of 7 got me an A in Middle School typing.

Learning Spanish in the 5th grade at Private school get me an A in the first 10 weeks of Spanish in the 9th grade of High School.

Private schooling in electronics at the age of 12 got me an A in Middle School Electronics at the age of 15.

Unschooling in Observational Astronomy got me published in Sky and Telescope at the age of 16.

Unschooling in photography, music, motion pictures and audio got me a profession in life.

Homeschooling from my mother, a professional musician, taught me music theory.

On the job schooling from my mother when I was 9 years old in computers at her work taught me more about computers.

She also taught me to read computer cards (the old IBM system of mainframe tabulations), 10 punch, 11 punch, 12 punch.

I haven't done that in ages and they don't use cards anymore, but at one point in time I could read text, numbers and puncutions just from holding the card up and reading the punches.
I went to a regular school. I went into the military. I also went to college. It has hurt me more than anything or any person ever has. I never partied or participated in sports or spent time after school with friends. I have literally wasted my life with education. In spite all of my cover letters and resumes, do you realize how difficult it is to get a job when these same jobs are being handed out to convicted felons or high school students over veterans? In this life you have to know someone in more ways than one to get work after college.
This is why we home school our children. They were in public schools but after all the crap they went through, I don't blame them for hating public schools.
I've been home educated all my life to date (I'm currently 14 and started by pestering my older siblings' governess to play 'school' with me when I was aged 2!).

Okay, that's not entirely true: there was a very short, very disastrous attempt at school when I was about 7. It was a waste of time and I spent most of the time pointing out its many flaws to the principal, lol.

For me, going to 'regular' school now would mean going away to the city to boarding school. For a million and one reasons, that isn't an option for me. The things on offer in regular schools have very limited relevance, if any, to mine and my family's way of life (business, culture etc) either now or in the future. Hence our parents choose to home educate so we can learn the lessons that we will need to know.

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