I have a question about homeschool ?

Question:Is there any homeschool out there for 12 graders ? Please i have already missed my first 3 days of school because am very sick. Homeschool will be so much easier for me. This is my last year. I need to know if theres homeschool for 12 graders. please help.

Homeschools are private schools and do not operate like you are imagining. Moms and Dads are the administrators and principals. They choose the curriculum and set the grading scales.
There are a few "overseeing" homeschool programs, but you wouldn't be starting them in 12th grade. It just doesn't work that way.
yes there's is a homeschool curriculum for 12th grade .

here are some websites

http://www.bjupress.com ( goes up to 12th grade . i've heard very good comments )

http://www.abeka.com/ (very challenging curriculum , but also very good goes up to 12th )

http://www.oakmeadow.com/ ( goes up to 12th )


This website is a help out page . It lets you no what sites are home schooling .. very helpful


if your wanting to get homeschooled then you picked a good topic to talk about .. lol . I've been homeschooled for a year now and im in the 10th grade and i love it . I'm currently doing class program . Its really good and affordable . it also goes up to 12th grade to . I hope i helped you eough and gave alot of info .!

have a funn time picking out a program !
Try these sites too:

They are free if you live in the right states. On line only classes and cover grades K-12. They are virtual public schools...


Good luck. I wish I had been homeschooled when I was younger but they didn't have online schools back then.

Just do not forge to take your SAT's and use the CLEP and DANTES exams to earn college credit before you graduate high school.
Homeschool doesn't really work that way. There are some correspondence schools. Or, if you have completed enough requirements for your high school, they may allow you to enroll at a college for concurrent credits. But, if you want to homeschool it is a decision you and your parents must make.

You need to research the homeschool laws in your state. http://www.hslda.org will help you find them. Then you need to decide what your requirements are for graduation and college entrance and find some books, class materials, etc., to get those subjects done. A local homeschool support group can help you find materials. Just Google your state name and homeschool support groups and you should get a nice list.

3 days of missed school is not a lot, are you really sick and will miss a lot of school this year? Another option might be to check with the guidance counselor to see if they can offer some tutoring at home through the school to keep you caught up.

Best to you.
If you are sick and can't attend school then your school district can give you what is called home and hospital services. You would still be in school and could take your core classes while at home. To initiate this your parents (or you) could call your guidance office.
Either homeschooling or home and hospital services would have to be officially initiated by your parents, probably even if you are over 18. If you want homeschooling anyway, try googling 'correspondence high school' or cyber school or read the other answer that provides names. Good luck.
YES, there is homeschooling Available for Seniors. I have a Daughter ( which is also in 12th grade ) i've been checking into an awsome homeschooling program called
" Keystone National High School".
If interested check out their website: www.keystonenationalhighschool...
hope you find what your looking for.

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