Does anyone else homeschooled?

Question:I am a homeschooled and just started and don't know how to deal with not being around my friends what would you suggest

Yeah I'm home schooled but you get over it after a while and you can still hang out with your friends after school and such..
I would suggest your parents reading this Question and sentence. Apparently your grammer is not to good and you need your teachers. Both have grammatical errors.
I think you need to be with students and teachers. The interaction with others, the socializing. It all makes us into the adults we are and will become.
You can still see them, plus you can always make home school friends. Not all homeschoolers are dorks, even though that is the popular opinion.
hey im homeschooled too !

get involved in a church clubs , enroll in a high school and take some classes there ( while being homeschool ) / just remember your not going to be homeschooled forever . here's your chance to inprove in your studies .

you can talk to me to .. haha
Overworkedtiredmom, I'm going to guess that you graduated out of the public school system, since you seem to be against homeschooling?

"I would suggest your parents reading this Question and sentence. Apparently your grammer is not to good and you need your teachers" is not exactly a stellar example of good grammar.

As you can see, being schooled at school does not guarantee grammatical excellence.

To answer the original question, is there a homeschooling support group nearby? Your parents may have already looked into this. Many groups have activities geared towards teens. Homeschooled teens tend to be welcoming of newcomers, so you should fit right in.

Have a wonderful year!
Make new friends you can be around while your others are in school. There are undoubtedly homeschool activities going on where you live. It can be scary venturing into new territory, but every one of those homeschoolers was in new territory at one point.

Also, invite your current friends to come over after school to do homework (you could set aside some work for you to do just with them or something) or for supper or go out with them on weekends.
im in 7th grade...1st year homeschooling...
it was hard at first but im involved in co-op, its where you go once a week for like a couple months and take some classes. You can take more than one co-op a year.
Find some homeschooling groups and make some homeschoolinf friends. Then you have your friends and your homeschooling friends.I have had alot of luck fiinding friends with homeschooling groups. Good Luck!

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