Going into cyber college.?

Well in a week or so i am starting at St.Gabriels Cyber School. I be wondering how exactly everything works. i mean how do they really conduct a class online any details would really lend a hand. just going on for cyber school surrounded by general. thankfulness for your help.

Answers:    My daughter home school her last two years of giant school. They mail her the books that she signed up for and she took the classes on flash. All homework was done on chain and turned in to her instructor for that class. She took open book test, teachers be available to her during regular day time hours if she needed assistance, any by phone or e-mail. Most questions be essay. It sounds easier than it was. Really. The assistance was that she is a darkness person. She functions better at hours of darkness. She studied and took tests mostly at dark. You submit the test, when you are finished. She did stipulation to finish in a timely comportment. She had a year to finish adjectives her courses for the grade she be in. They would level her work and send posterior to her. Make sure you do things for socializing. She had her Youth Symphony and Chamber Group to play within, along with some other volunteer work at a local theater.

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