Do u think a 17 yr old and a gonna be 20 yr old should be together?

Question:hes turning 20 in october.i turned 17 in july.

You need to wait another year. The laws today are set up so that people in your situation can be charged with sex crimes. You don't want this boy to be charged as a child molester simply for being your boyfriend.
I personally don't think three years is a major age difference. But to protect him, wait another year. Ok?
My grandma was 14 when she married Grandpa who was 22. They had 23 babies, 66grandbabies, and over a hundred great-great grand babies before they died. They were married over 65 years.
I was 17 when I married my 20yo husband. I have 5 kids and one grandbaby so far. So, I think the age difference is ok. But remember the laws are wacky now. Protect your friend, and stay away for another year.
If what you feel is true love, and you are in no doubts about it. Which it may seem you are by asking, then it shouldn't matter age, gender, race, or religion. Love beats everything else.
Well it's just three years, I don't really see anything wrong with that. Go for it girl! :)
Well, the difficulty is that in some places in the world you are considered a minor and he is considered an adult. He could be breaking the law.
Age is just a number. If they have feelings for each other, than so be it.
Well, 3 years is not a HUGE difference, however a 20 year old SHOULD be alot more mature than a 17 year old.

Ages 17 and 20 are two different time frames in a persons life. You are still a child at 17, and you are an adult at 20.

Now, 3 years wouldn't mean anything if you were 20 and he was 23.

So, to answer your question, a 17 year old with a 20 year old doesn't sit too well with me, however, if you wait until you are 18 and he is 21, that's not too bad.

I know it sounds contradicting and weird, but thats how I feel.
It's not illegal for you both to be together, however it is illegal for the both of you to have sex... that factor also depends on the age of sexual consent in your state... which would either be 16, or 18.. 17 in some states.

As long as you both feel comfortable together then it's no problem having a relationship.
Probably not, although I have to say that I've met a couple of really mature 17yo homeschooled kids for whom that sort of situation would be fine. All depends on maturity levels and experience being responsible.

(What's this got to do with homeschooling?)
If by "be together" you mean hang out, go to a movie, etc. Then fine.

If by "be together" you mean sex, then NO, not until she turns 18 at least.

Regardless of what you mean by "be together", until you are 18 it is really up to your parents, so ask them instead of
The parent in me says no.
The one inside of me that was once a teenager would need a whole lot of convincing as to why not.
For the young people involved, I would encourage you to not pursue any relationship without the blessing of your parents.
Unless the parents have some real concerns about either of the young people, they should set some boundaries, and get to know each others families as well as explain the rules of this courtship in the making based on your beliefs, and family values.
depends if your really in love or just in lust so think about it first ok

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