Has anyone taken a home learning course with NEC? Was it any good?

Question:I am thinking of doing GCSE business studies with them. I was going to do it with ICS as they are half the price of NEC but having read some of the terrible comments about them (ICS) on here, I am having second thoughts about using them. Even though NEC is twice the price, maybe you get what you pay for and the tutor support from them might be better. I can't enrol at a "real" college as I have to work (sometimes including evenings). So really, my main interest is what the tutor support and knowledge is like at NEC - if anyone can help? Thanks!

i have heard that home learning schemes are scams, especially ICS. well not exactly scams, but universities and businesses look down on them. like there was that big thing about that guy who did computer repair with ICS (i think it was them) and when it came for him getting into uni, they turned him away and said that his qualification wasn't worth that much, and no where would take him to do computer repair as a career because they also said it wasn't worth as much as a 'real' a-level or GCSE. so he had paid all that money, and done all that work for nothing.

i would suggest signing yourself up for a night class at a college, at least then you can be sure that what you are doing will put you in the right direction for what you want to do and you won't be looked down on by unis/work

EDIT: if you know which evenings you work, then go to a night school on the evenings that you don't work. what are your hours because a lot of colleges do courses for people who work evenings and they start at around 9pm, or if you are working evenings, go to college through the day. if your hours are all over the block and you don't know when you are working in the evenings, and you are wanting another job anyway, then why not get another job with structered hours.
I did my A levels and failed though it was due to my laziness. I'm not sure I think if you work with them you can get good results, but as the other girl said mabye employers don't regard them so highly.

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