Question:I'm 16 and i'm interested in finishing my last 2 years of HS being home schooled, can any1 give me info on how does it work?
and what are the prices for schools over Computer...Links also please


i don't know
There is a thing called virtual school. The state of Missouri will pay just like a brick and mortar school. The course is out of Baltimore MD called the Connections Academy 1000 Lancaster Street, 6th Floor 21202.
Many things you are going to need to know, vary from state to state. From requirements on how to actually get out of the public school system, to what / how much daily documentation your parents must turn in. PA is the most diffidult state (in my opinion) to hs in, and states like Texas just let you sign your kids out...from what I hear.

Many states allow kids to go to school part time, for certain classes, and still pay the schools for a full time student, like VA. That said, I live in VA and when I asked if my kids could take an instrument, they were very rude and said no. Same thing to a friend who wanted to take her kids to ps for a language. So computers? Good luck. You would be better off using your new clothes, supplies, etc money toward a pc.

Many states allow certain things for tax write offs.

Libraries have pcs for free.

The virtual schools also vary from state to state, look into them.

Some colleges will accept someone your age as a non-student who takes the course for no credit, credit that can be used in homeschool.
My son is also 16 and starting at IQ Academy in Wisconsin. They are in other states also.
check it out. It don't cost much at all. Just shipping of books.
You get a laptop and printer to use while you are in their school. and they mail the books to you and just return at the
end of the year. Check it out, It might be just what your
looking for.
My son is enrolled through A Beka Academy, an accredited Christian high school program. He studies his classes on DVDs and then I report the quizzes, tests and exam scores back to the school. You can find out more at

There are other programs where you can choose the classes and/or curriculum you want to study. The NARHS is a high school in Maine and you can enroll there and just finish your high school at home (you have to tell them what classes you plan on taking for Junior and Sr. year). You can purchase curriculum through (Math, Science, History, etc.) and just read the books and complete the tests in your own time. NARHS is very inexpensive. You can read more about it here:

You do need to make sure you follow your state's guidelines for graduation and also keep in mind if you plan on going to college. If so, you should take a college-prep program for your last two years (4 years of English, Math and Science, 3 years History, 2 years Foreign Language, 1 year of Fine Art). You don't want to have to make up these classes in college -- it will be very expensive and prolong your graduation.

The other thing to keep in mind is that it takes a great deal of discipline to complete high school at home. If you were not a good student at school (poor study habits, not interested, etc.), then home schooling may not be a good route for you to take. You still have to do all the work and often home school curriculum requires a lot more work/study than in a traditional setting (almost all home schoolers finish their textbooks and they do EVERY assignment). Be prepared to take control of your day and week -- your success at home depends solely on your own desire to do well in school.

Lastly, you might want to consider dual enrollment at your local community college. Many high schools allow students to take college classes while enrolled in regular public school programs. This might be a better choice as it would allow you to take more interesting courses but still graduate with your friends.

Good luck!

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